7 things you should know before buying a chihuahua puppy

They are everywhere, chihuahua puppies …

Almost every time you turn on the television or open a

magazine, you see a chihuahua puppy on a Hollywood star

handbag. Whether it’s Paris Hilton’s partner, Tinkerbell, or

Reese Witherspoons lovable pooch Bruiser in “Legally

Rubia, “Chihuahuas have triumphed and everyone wants

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Now before you buy a Chihuahua, there are absolutely a few

things you need to know about this breed, its health and


These 7 factors are the most important.

1. They need to be well socialized. If you don’t have time

to socialize your Chihuahua puppy, then you shouldn’t get

one. Chihuahuas need to socialize properly as

have a tendency to bond only with their owners and already

has a predisposition to be sarcastic with strangers.

2. It seems that Chihuahuas are carried everywhere and that is part

of their attractiveness, but be sure to drop them and get

let them walk on their own. When you don’t let them walk

yours can get very uncomfortable out of arms

of their owner and react with aggression to cope

with your discomfort.

3. These dogs are not good with children unless they were

raised with them. Chihuahuas are very nervous and have a low

tolerance. They don’t cope well with antics and

mischief of small children. They can be sarcastic and

will bite a child if provoked. This breed is more suitable

for busy people without children and for older people who are

looking for a companion and low maintenance (these dogs

require little exercise, are excellent apartment dwellers, and

can be trained to use the litter box.)

4. Chihuahuas are very loyal and tend to bond.

with his owner … alone. They are very dependent and they like

be around you and do what you are doing. If you have little

time to spend with your puppy and you want a dog that is a little

more independent, that this dog is not for you.

5. Chihuahuas have the longest life expectancy of any breed of

dog. If you’re not ready to make an 11-18 year commitment

for them, and your interest in them is just a novelty (they

he looks so cute in those celebrity magazines they load

in a bag), then don’t get a chihuahua.

6. If you move around a lot, this may not be the breed for

you. Chihuahuas do not adapt well to new environments and

will often misbehave with barking and inappropriate behavior.

They prefer to have a stable environment, so if you are

constantly traveling (business, etc.), then consider a

less nervous breed.

7. They can be aggressive dogs, so if you have another dog in

home you may want to reconsider buying a Chihuahua and opt

for a more dog-friendly breed.

That being said, the Chihuahua is a great dog and suitable for

the right kind of person. Before buying a Chihuahua puppy

Think about the various points mentioned above and decide

if you see parts of your life in the checklist above.

Chihuahuas are intelligent, alert, and loyal companions.

They love to give and receive affection but again this is

It depends on your understanding of the nuances of this breed.

and how well they are trained and socialized since they are puppies.

Good luck!