7 questions to determine if you have a weak man

Kevin thinks he’s his own man. It does what it wants no matter the circumstances. He does not listen. Kevin claims to understand manhood because he has had multiple children. However, Kevin lives with his mother and does not have a job. You constantly evade child support payments and bill collectors. However, reality never sinks into his mind. He proclaims to the world that he is a “real man.” Sadly, Kevin represents a growing number of weak men in our society.


One night I couldn’t sleep. I saw a classic from the movie, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” which featured Paul Newman, Burl Ives, and Elizabeth Taylor. Former soccer player and alcoholic Brick (Newman) reunites with his father, Big Daddy (Ives), who is dying of cancer. The film shows a variety of personal conflicts and family drama. One of the strongest conflicts is between father and son. In one scene, he finds Brick arguing with his demanding father: “I didn’t want a boss. I wanted a father. All I ever wanted was for you to love me.” The film provides a clear theme for the problems associated with manhood today. In the film, the father’s controlling behavior contributes to his son’s weakness. Similarly, many people in America share the blame for creating weak men. Are we unknowingly contributing to the growth of weak men? It is a disturbing observation when we look at our society. Today’s hot story is about Rhianna’s brutal treatment by her boyfriend Chris Brown. Many experts and advocates for women highlight the negative nature of abusive relationships. While these stories are the tragic realities of our culture, they are often forgotten as a passing snapshot before another sensational news story. However, the most disturbing thing to witness is the growing trend of weaker men in our society.

The real problem

The plot is very disturbing. Weak men are negatively affecting our society. According to the Domestic Violence Commission of the American Bar Association, 25% of women had been raped and / or physically assaulted by a current or former spouse, a cohabiting partner, or a partner or acquaintance at some point in time. his life in the studio from 1995-1996. Women experienced 20% of all non-fatal violent crime at the hands of an intimate partner.

Celebrities all their wealth as a symbol of good character. Consequently, destructive behavior is rewarded with multi-million dollar contracts. The model is developed. Many men consider toughness a virtue and kindness a weakness. Young people follow what we do and not what we say. Therefore, a vicious cycle occurs in our culture where manhood is not understood. Men are more dependent on women to support them and assume leadership roles in their homes. Some men do not feel any commitment to the young woman. She is disrespected and taken for granted.

The masculine definition

To understand a weak man, an individual must understand the meaning of manhood. Being a real man is about possessing a responsible character. It involves going beyond the trivial to the meaningful in life. This concept is revealed biblically in 1 Corinthians 13:11: “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up my ways as a child.” The problem is that many men have not grown up and are living the life of adult ‘children’. There is a lot of blame: parents, the media, celebrities and society in general.

Young men grow up confused about the meaning of manhood. Therefore, there is a struggle between doing the right things and doing what is in my own selfish interest. It is the battle of the inner man. General George Patton said: “Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can enjoy. It brings out all the best; it removes all that is vile. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood. ” Here’s how to determine if you have a weak man:

  1. Are you a trustworthy person?
  2. Are you taking responsibility for your situation?
  3. Working with you to build a shared vision for the future?
  4. Are you willing to commit to you?
  5. Can you keep a full-time job on a consistent basis?
  6. Does it encourage your dreams and ambitions?
  7. Does he show that he respects you with his actions and words?

If most of your answers are “no”, you have a very weak man on your hands. Therefore, it is up to you to improve their living conditions, not to that weak man.

Society must allow men to become more self-reliant. In the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Big Daddy acted in a way that allowed his son Brick. As a consequence, Brick never really experienced the consequences of his bad decisions. Likewise, many people promote the weak man model by embracing and protecting these men from the realities of life. However, today’s men must be responsible, responsible, and leaders of character in society.

Giving young boys positive male role models is important in stopping the epidemic of weakness. However, it is crucial that they interact with strong men through organizations such as churches and community organizations. If adults take positive action today, society can prevent this growing problem in the communities of this country.

Prospect of the future

Can you afford to have a weak man in your life? The media constantly bombards us with negative caricatures of manhood. Instead of producing positive results, they generate the unintended negative consequence of weak men. Some parents want to blame the schools or the government. It is time that we reject this weak man model today. Many men and women are trying to correct this problem in order to raise more trustworthy men in our society. True manhood is not glamorous like the movies would have you believe. True manhood is not an easy process. It’s about shouldering your responsibilities, making commitments, and making tough decisions. Can you survive with a weak man?