7 Jelqing Secrets to a Bigger Penis

If you’ve looked for legitimate ways to increase penis size, you’ve probably heard of jelqing. This is the exercise that can dramatically increase your size.

All that jelqing requires is the use of your hands. No equipment, gadgets or devices. Simply use your hands to perform the jelqing massage movements on your penis.

Here are 7 secrets to jelqing for a bigger penis:

1. SLOW strokes. Jelqing consists of stroking your penis, one hand at a time. But you have to make the strokes slowly. Many guys try to make their caresses as if they are masturbating. That is way too fast. Slow down!

2. LUBRICATE. You really need to make sure to lubricate the penis to avoid redness. If you run out of lubricant, it is better to wait to resume the exercises until you get a new bottle, rather than trying to do them without lubricant. You could end up with too much redness and you won’t be able to exercise for the next few days.

3. SEMI-ERECT. Many guys try to jelq with a full boner. This is NOT the technique! You have to be in a semi-erect state which is around 50-60% erection.

4. HEAT. This prepares your penis for exercise and a proper warm-up can mean a faster jelqing session. Just take a warm hand towel and wrap it around the penis for a few minutes.

5. DAYS OF REST. Take a few days off during the week. A common routine is to go Monday through Friday and then take the weekend off.

6. GIVE IT TIME. The reason some men don’t get bigger is because they think they can jelq for a few days or a week and grow. You have to give the jelqing time to work. Wait 3-6 weeks for the first inch to gain.

7. FOLLOW A GOOD ROUTINE. A good routine is the difference between seeing good profits relatively quickly and going through trial and error, not seeing any profit for months. It’s best to stick to a solid jelqing routine so that you can grow as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.