5 ways to create website traffic

Hopefully, you’ve been checking traffic: visitors to your website and checking how many people visit the site, whether they’re first-time or returning visitors, what page they look at, and whether they select an action on the website, like filling out a form. , subscribing to your newsletter, buying something or requesting information.

Do you want to generate more traffic and attract more visitors to your website? Here are 5 methods you can use to generate traffic.

Website keywords and search engines. Look at your website and check if the “title”, “description” and “keywords” meta tags are added to your website pages. These are important to make sure your website is indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo. In your page text, especially on your home page, use the words that best describe you and the needs of your target audience as part of the body copy. After doing all this, register the site with Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. All of these have free submission forms, but there is no guarantee how long it will take. Keep checking your stats and you’ll see when you start getting traffic from search engines. Look at the keywords that people use to find your site and refine these keywords on your pages.

Email newsletters and announcements. Tell the people on your list(s) about your website and what they can find there and why they should visit it. Add a signup form on the site and some incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter. Your newsletter and announcements will really build your BACK visits to the website. Remember that people can visit thousands of websites and even if they like it on their first visit, they need to be reminded to come back.

Links. Links from other websites to you build credibility and also improve your search engine rankings. These are called inbound links. If you have a resources or links page on your site, you can link to useful sites and then contact the other website owner and ask them to link to you. If you have affiliates, partners, sponsors, or other relationships, send them your website link, your logo, and a keyphrase and ask if they will add your link to their website.

signature file. Add your website address to your email signature file. Make this an organizational policy as well, and have everyone create a standard signature file that includes the link to the website. Include the website address as well on any paper correspondence, flyers, brochures, advertisements, articles, and public relations, and of course, on your business card.

online social networks. Create your own presence on the big social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIN page and group. Participate in discussion groups and forums and include your website as part of your profile.

With these methods, you can increase traffic to your website, but remember that your website must be attractive and interesting to the person and have some appropriate calls to action, or your efforts will attract traffic but will not help you achieve your goals.