5 mistakes to avoid when proposing

So, you are finally ready. He has thought about it a lot and knows that he has finally found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. She saved some money and bought what she thinks are the perfect vintage engagement rings to adorn her finger. There is only one step left.


For many men, the art of proposition is a complete mystery. Because of this, simple and common mistakes often occur. For a successful and memorable proposal, use the following list of mistakes as a guide to what not to do.

Common setbacks in proposals

  • Proposing too soon While you can be sure that she is the woman of your dreams, you can be one step ahead of her. Take a moment to consider whether or not you are ready to get married. Have you ever mentioned if you want to get married? While it is not a requirement, it can help you determine if you are interested in wearing a maxi white dress and veil. If she hasn’t mentioned it, consider your ages and the amount of time you’ve been dating. Sometimes hanging onto your engagement rings for a few more months can make a difference.
  • Forgetting to ask his father- These days, asking your father’s hand in marriage isn’t so much about asking for permission. It’s more of an act of courtesy and a demonstration of your willingness to be honorable and take care of your daughter. While modern times don’t necessarily dictate that you should ask the father, talking to his family and requesting his blessing is still an important step before you kneel.
  • Not be creative Almost every woman dreams of that beautiful moment when you hold her hand and ask her to marry you. It’s a great time and it shouldn’t be boring. Be creative with your proposal; Use the inspiration from your relationship to make it unique and memorable.
  • Hide the ring When you set out, don’t put the ring anywhere other than your pocket. Putting it in a fortune cookie, your glass of champagne, or a loaf of bread may be cute, but that doesn’t mean your perfect night won’t end with you giving it the Heimlich maneuver. STAY SAFE – Keep engagement ring bands in the box and out of a cupcake.
  • Choosing the wrong words When you propose to her, she will want to hear that you love her and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. These are the words you will remember for the next fifty years, so choose them wisely. At no point in your proposal should the words “We are not getting any younger” be uttered.

For some men, proposing with engagement rings is a mystery. However, it doesn’t have to be. By paying close attention to these common mistakes, you ensure you come up with the perfect proposal that she will keep talking about while wearing her wedding rings on her golden anniversary.