3 Sure Ways to Get Rid of Tire Kickers

When people go shopping, whether it’s for a minor purchase or an expensive item like a new car, price will always be a determining factor. If they feel the cost is worth it, they will pay, and if not, they won’t.

It’s pretty simple when buying tangible items. But when making non-tangible purchases like career counseling and resume writing services, it’s not that simple. When it comes to professional services, the real buy is your industry experience and the coach/client or writer/client relationship.

So how can you make it easier for people to make the decision to invest in your service? You make it easier by not putting so much emphasis on the tangible. For example, the number of monthly counseling calls, resume inquiries/follow-up calls, document reviews, or downloadable reports your service offers.

The key is to focus and emphasize your value as an industry expert, the benefits of working together, and the results you can deliver if selected to be their career coach or resume writer. People want results.

Think about how you want potential customers to perceive you. Do you want to be known as the cheapest coach or writer to work for or as a career coach or resume writer who is committed to your clients’ success?

Being recognized as an expert in your field and someone who provides valuable specialized professional services, guiding your clients on the right path to achieve their goal as a result of their working relationship with you is what makes you and your company worth the investment. investment.

Millions of professional services can be found online and out of these millions you will find the cheapest ones. BUT, once serious job seekers and professionals start taking a closer look at service offerings, it won’t take long for them to realize which companies provide real benefits and value and which ones scream “We’re cheap and mediocre, come on!” work with us!”

Ask yourself, “Do I want to attract bargain shoppers who are looking for the lowest possible price, or do I want to attract those who want to partner with an expert professional like me who is as determined as they are to achieve their goal?” How you position yourself is key.

3 ways to get rid of tire kickers

  • Market and position yourself as a industry expert offering significant value, industry experience and professional career services, not a negotiation coach or writer. (Don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth.)

  • If someone tells you that you can get the same career services for much less money from another company, I recommend that you return to that company and if they do not see results that they contact you again. A person telling you that your services are too expensive is a clear indication of a “tire kicker.” You don’t have time to negotiate, you have serious customers to serve and serve!

  • If you decide to negotiate your fees, don’t negotiate the price alone. Delete a product or service that is included in your training or writing package. Give the impression of being cooperative, and at the same time, your potential customers understand that lowering your price means they will also give something up.