How to Choose a Memorial Poem or Verse for a Funeral or Celebration of Life

When choosing a poem or verse for a celebration of life, funeral, or memorial service, you’ll first want to consider where you plan to use the poems and verses. Many people today are going beyond prayer cards and bookmarks and creating memorial service folders and various memorial favors. You can also print the same poem or verse on the thank you notes you send. If you are using the verse on a small sized card, you will obviously want to choose a shorter poem or verse.

Next, you’ll want a verse that more closely captures the essence of the person. Sometimes this can even come in the form of a musical verse from the person’s favorite band or singer. You may want to peruse your music selection to see if you can find some song lyrics that might be appropriate. Perhaps a family member or even a young family member could write a poem. Experts recommend writing as an effective way to grieve. Children, although very simple in their thoughts, can often write very moving words.

Consider that the poem does not have to be about death but about how they lived their lives. For example;

“Loving to be loved is human,

but loving to love is angelic”.

By Alphonse de Lamartine

Not all horses are born equal.

Some were born to win.

By Mark Twain

Laugh many times and a lot;

to gain the respect of intelligent people

and the love of children;

earn the appreciation of honest critics

and bear the betrayal of false friends;

appreciate beauty;

find the best in others;

to leave the world a little better

either for a healthy child,

a patch of garden, or a redeemed social status;

knowing that a life has breathed better

because you lived here.

This is having achieved it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love is also a common theme;

The ones I love and the ones who love me

When I’m gone, set me free, let me go

I have so many things to see and do

You must not tie yourself to me with tears

I am happy that I have had so many years.

I gave you my love, you can only guess

how much you gave me in happiness

I think because of the love that each one has shown

But now it’s time to travel alone

So grieved for a while for me, if grieved you must

So let your grievance be comforted by trust

It’s only for a while that we must part

So bless the memories in your heart

I won’t be far, because life goes on.

So if you need me, call and I’ll come.

Though you can’t see me or touch me, I’ll be near

And if you listen with your heart, you will hear

All my love around you soft and clear

So when you must come this way alone

I will greet you with a smile and a

“Welcome home”

Maria Alicia Ramish

love lives on

The ones we love stay with us

because love itself lives on,

and cherished memories never fade

because a loved one is gone.

Those we love can never be

more than a separate thought,

As long as there is memory

They will live in the heart.

If the person was religious, the most common or traditional verse for Catholic and religious services has been the 23rd Psalm.

The Lord is My Shepherd; I will lack nothing. In green pastures he makes me rest; He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul; he guides me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yes, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff will comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows Surely good and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and in the house of the Lord I will dwell for long days.

King James Version

The following poems and verses are more focused on death;

i wish you enough

I wish you enough sunshine to keep your attitude bright.

I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.

I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.

I wish you enough pain to make the smallest joys in life seem so much bigger.

I wish you earn enough to satisfy your desire.

I wish you enough loss to appreciate everything you own.

I wish you enough “Hi” to get you through the final “Goodbye.”

The death is nothing

Death is nothing at all.

I just sneaked into the next room.

I am me and you are you.

Whatever we were to each other

Which we still are.

Call me by my old family name

Talk to me in the easy way you always used

Don’t maintain a forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh like we always laugh at jokes

We enjoy together.

Play, smile, think of me, pray for me,

May my name always be the familiar word that

always it was

Let it be spoken without effort,

Without the trace of a shadow on it.

Life means everything it ever meant

It’s the same as it always was

There is an absolutely unbroken continuity.

Why should I be out of mind cause I’m

Out of sight? I’m just waiting for you

for an interval

somewhere very close

Just around the corner.

Everything is fine.

Cannon Henry Scott Holland (1847-1918)

I turn my head and look towards death now.

Feeling my way through the tunnel with the space of

emptiness and stillness.

The shimmering silence that awaits me.

This is my address now; inward to the green pastures…

The concerns of the world no longer concern me.

I have completed this life. My work is done, my

grown children.

My husband is well on his hero’s journey.

I have loved much and well…

Those I leave behind, I love.

I hope to remain in your hearts like them

in mine…

Thank you for taking such good care of me…

And to all of you who have been my friends, thank you

for teaching me about love.

Karen Vervaet from “Karen’s Journal”, April 3, 1993

In closing, memorial services and celebrations of life are about the person who was lost and the life they lived. It’s up to you to decide what will help you and those in attendance better remember and celebrate that person’s life.

The Great Benefits of a Chopper Food Processor

Requirement for the device:

Any product that is capable of chopping and preserving the quality of food can be called a chopped food processor. But it is quite difficult to find all the features in one product. One of the best advantages of this device is that it can handle all the requirements easily.

Present condition:

The popularity of this product is increasing. These are some of the best products for people who lead a hectic lifestyle. If you think buying vegetables in addition to fruit is a big deal, storing them will be even more difficult. However, this product comes with numerous options that will help you save even more time. This processor will also help you reduce work pressure and the time you have to spend in the kitchen. Just look for the best chopper food processor that doubles as a chopper. You will also find some mini devices that can work using electrical power.

Functions performed:

Your chopper food processor can handle several functions. With this product you can cut any type of vegetable such as broccoli, onion, tomato or leafy vegetables. It will only take you a few seconds to finish the task of cutting those leaves. Similarly, you will find many problems these days. Even whipping cream is also a difficult task. You can accomplish all these tasks with ease with the help of this quality product without spending any extra money.

Cook any food quickly with the food processor:

Many of the best hotels and restaurants also use different types of food grinder to meet the demands of their customers efficiently. There are many types of food choppers available in the market these days, but before planning to buy a chopper, it is imperative to keep your needs and price in mind. Cutting or slicing food can take a long time. But, by using a food chopper, you can easily finish all your kitchen tasks in a few minutes.

Singing and eating disorders

Eating disorders are now an epidemic. Singers and others in the entertainment business with their necessary media exposure are, I believe, especially vulnerable to these debilitating secret illnesses.

No one can come close to their full vocal potential while chained to an eating disorder. Why? Because the voice will have problems in these areas:

  • Breath (Power)
  • Tone (Way through an open throat)
  • Communication (Performance)

That’s how it is; with an eating disorder, everything I teach in Power, Path & Performance vocal training…everything necessary for the functioning of your voice…is compromised and riddled with problems; some very annoying to diagnose and correct.

From denial to her long-term recovery from anorexia/bulimia, I have been Jenni Schaefer’s voice teacher and friend. Jenni recovered using a unique therapeutic approach that involved treating her eating disorder as a relationship, rather than an illness or condition. Jenni actually called her anorexia/bulimia, “Ed,” an acronym for “eating disorder.” She and I co-wrote the song “Life Without Ed,” which is also the title of her McGraw-Hill book endorsed by Dr. Phil and many others.

Testimonials tell us her story is powerful, so here it is from our two benchmarks:

What I noticed the first time I met Jenni was her strange numbness. He couldn’t get out of the guard stance: shoulders slumped, head tilted forward, frozen eyebrows, clenched jaw, frozen spine and hips, limp arms and entwined legs. She was like a stick figure. Her voice was thin, colorless. She complained that her throat hurt when she sang. Her range was limited and she had several breaks in her voice. I tried to help her relax, but could barely get her to lift her arms up to her sides to allow for ribcage expansion. She inhaled from the top of her chest in short gasps.

Jenny speaks… “With Ed, I was disconnected from my body… I felt like a floating head. I was stiff and had difficulty moving. In therapy sessions, I was encouraged to ‘just move’, anything.”

I also had a lot of trouble helping Jenni connect with her songs. When I asked her to visualize herself singing “Valentine’s Day” to someone she loved, she couldn’t think of anyone! Finally, she began to connect by imagining herself singing to children in a cancer ward where she had worked. A rare thing… She didn’t want him to look at her when she sang.

Jenny… “I was disconnected from feelings. It lived in my head. A big purpose of my eating disorder was to starve myself and repress feelings—keep me out of my emotions. So when I was supposed to connect with feelings in a song, not only was it completely foreign to me, it was also terrifying.”

Jenni deflated and crushed easily. She had to be very careful not to push herself too hard with the exercises. She somehow needed to sing, but the music didn’t seem to move her. Because she didn’t have the energy to maintain her upright and flexible posture, she usually stood still and lifeless. She or she walked like a zombie.

Jenni…”I had no energy — restricting, bingeing and purging takes a lot of energy (physical and emotional) and leaves little for anything else.”

Jenni couldn’t understand why she didn’t feel something. She saw me express feelings that she couldn’t experience, and I think that was a big part of why she sought help. She asked me to pray for her. She thought that since she didn’t feel something, she couldn’t pray for herself.

Jenny“Singing is spiritual. An eating disorder kills all spiritual connection. This was a huge roadblock.”

Little by little, as Jenni received help, she grew stronger. However, the voice lessons became even more difficult. She developed a diaphragmatic spasm of some kind and a kind of fatalism washed over her, making her hope that the strange oddity of uncontrolled vibrato would occur somewhere in her range. I sent her to the Vanderbilt Voice Clinic. Only when they couldn’t find anything organically wrong did Jenni begin to believe that she could overcome this strange vocal problem. Soon after, I was able to guide her through the flexible stretching of her ribs necessary to allow the problem to go away completely.

Jenni… “Anorexia is characterized by intense perfectionism. While singing, I would focus more on being perfect than delivering a great message.”

Jenni kept getting better, but she was two steps forward and one step back. It was hard for him to imagine singing for somebody. She was trapped in shyness. She began to experience feelings, but with her feelings came her anger at being criticized, which made her feel judged. At one point, I suggested that she practice differently and she flew into a rage. I did not see that coming. I didn’t read the signs that she was pushing too hard, and the lesson ended in disaster.

Jenni… “All eating disorders are characterized by constant self-criticism. It’s hard to sing when a negative voice is constantly screaming in your ear.”

The trust and friendship that Jenni and I had developed made the misunderstanding short-lived. We got back into the vocal training business and then another challenge arose. It was a long season of intense sadness. I was afraid for her; she cried, literally for days, and then fell asleep. She pushed people away, saying that she had no friends. For a while, she stopped singing and canceled singing lessons.

Jenni… “Depression is often an underlying symptom of an eating disorder. When lost in despair and hopelessness, singing can seem too vulnerable because emotions can seep in. So Ed would often build another ‘protective’ wall “.

Jenni and I started working together again, and this time each lesson seemed to break new ground. Her recovery was solid, her physical and emotional health much more stable. I saw her persevere with great courage through those monumental recovery battles. And then I heard her find her voice at last.

One of the last pieces of the puzzle was put in place by brilliant performance coach Diane Kimbrough (615-297-1524). Diane told Jenni to stop worrying about ‘going there’ every time she sang. She said this is too much pressure for an artist to have to re-experience the emotional scene during each performance. Instead, Diane suggests, forget about yourself and make THEM (the audience) feel something! It was a miracle

Jenni stopped focusing within herself and made the connection, through the song, with another person. Her voice is now strong, controlled, confident and beautiful. She FEEL joy, frustration, anger and love. All of this is giving him a voice with which to shake the world. She speaks and sings across the country to entertain, teach, and demonstrate that recovery from an eating disorder is possible. And oh, I love to hear her laugh!

For those struggling with an eating disorder, we hope you’ll read in our story that it’s never too late to seek help, start healing, and start singing your heart out!

How To Remove Moles From Skin Naturally Using Proven Mole Removal Techniques

If having glowing skin is your dream, then you can have it soon by understanding how to remove skin moles naturally. The group of cells that aggregate to give a dark spot on the face can mar the facial appearance at times. Even if you don’t have deep pockets, it’s possible to get rid of these black and brown spots using proven at-home mole removal techniques.

Surgical methods are not only expensive, but can also lead to difficult-to-remove scars. Many people end up spending more on scar removal than mole removal. This is why it is best to try these harmless home remedies to remove moles from the skin naturally.

So if you are wondering what these home remedies are, here are some of them:

1) A paste made by grinding garlic and onion in equal quantities is quite effective in removing brown spots and backs on the skin. Try the paste in small amounts to see if the paste suits your skin. Use the paste twice a day for at least 4 to 6 weeks to see good results.

2) Another home remedy that is often used to remove skin moles naturally is the mixture of baking powder and castor oil. Combine these two items to create a paste. Apply the paste on the affected areas regularly twice a day. After a few weeks, you may see dark spots disappear naturally without you realizing it.

3) Using a proven mole removal technique is not enough. For radiant skin, you will need to remove all blemishes and smooth the skin. A mixture made by combining sandalwood with turmeric is an excellent conditioner for your skin. It also helps keep bacterial infections away and speeds up the healing of skin moles.

Boston Legal Season 4 DVD Review

Boston Legal has one of the most intimate, loving and committed relationships I have ever seen on television. And that relationship turns out to be between two straight men. Denny Crane and Alan Shore of Crane, Poole and Schdmidt, two of the best in Boston.

David E. Kelley can make you hope and believe in anything. In fact, I think if men could develop and maintain relationships like this, the world would be a much better place.

In season 4 of Boston Legal, the most notable additions to the cast are John Larroquette and Tara Summers. Season 4 opens with Alan Shore defending senior partner Shirley Schdmidt. Jerry Espenson helps new attorney Katie Lloyd on her first case; which turns out to be a capital murder trial. Clarence/Clarice Bell runs into trouble with new senior partner Carl Sack played by John Larroquette. Alan, in his newly engaged relationship, receives an ultimatum and then brings in a sexy litigant from his past to stir up trouble.

Wild antics definitely crop up with this quirky cast of characters. But don’t let the heartbreaking laughter fool you. David E. Kelley and his writing team manage to brilliantly weave up-to-the-minute news stories with their witty twists together with today’s most talked about social issues. Anything you might consider taboo is covered in Boston Legal and is done with equal time spent on both sides of the issue. If not to be said or done, then you know Denny Crane does one or both.

Season 4 will keep you engaged from start to finish. This is without a doubt one of the best courtroom dramas ever made. This Emmy Award-winning series has single-handedly revived the careers of James Spader and William Shatner. With that said, Boston Legal Season 4 is definitely a DVD worth watching.

How To Kill Murmur: The Final Boss In Shadow Labyrinth – World Of Warcraft

This essay will explain how to kill Murmur; the final boss in Shadow Labyrinth. If you follow the strategy outlined below, you’ll find it to be a fairly easy encounter.

For those who are just working on Karazhan attunement, you don’t need to kill Murmur to acquire the quest item. Just move left along the wall and you can reach the shard without having to face Murmur. Make sure all party members are nearby before summoning the elite. If a player is too far away, they won’t be able to loot the quest item and that can be extremely frustrating as that player will have to complete the entire instance all over again.

Before facing Murmur, everyone should know about the special abilities of this boss. They are the following:

Sonic boom. This is an AOE attack that takes a few seconds to cast. If you have the “see targets cast bar” option enabled in the UI settings, you will see when this spell starts to cast and that should allow you enough time to move away from it and avoid taking damage. If you get hit with Sonic Boom, it will do damage equal to approx. 75% of your maximum health and will reduce your movement speed by 90%.

Touch of Murmur This is a debuff that is placed on a single random party member. After ten seconds, it will explode and launch the affected player into the air. Everyone within the blast radius will be silenced for a few seconds and it will take approx. 4,000 points of damage. Touch of Murmur is unavoidable. It’s best to have the affected player immediately move away from the group or just position everyone so they don’t affect any other players if they take the debuff.

Resonance. Murmur will emit resonance if you fail to keep at least one player within melee range. If it casts resonance, it’s a wipe. The debuff deals natural damage and increases natural damage taken.

party positioning

Your healer must be alone and positioned to the left or right of Murmur. The tank will stop directly in front of Murmur. Ranged DPS should be placed on the opposite side of your healer. Melee DPS must be behind Murmur for the entire fight. It is very important that the area directly in front of Murmur is left open. Only his tank should be standing there, and no one should be standing behind the tank. The reasoning behind these positions will become clear in a moment.

Step by step to engage Murmur

1. Your tank meets Murmur where he is. By the way, Murmur is fixed on his position. He will not move during the entire fight.

2. The moment your tank engages Murmur, the rest of the group should start DPS. You do not need to wait for agro to establish.

3. When Murmur starts to cast Sonic Boom, your melee DPS (which is located directly behind Murmur), should run forward and do everything possible to avoid getting hit by him. His tank must not move and must be healed through each Sonic Boom.

4. Depending on your player class, when you get Touch of Murmur, do the following:

If you tank gains Touch of Murmur, it must not move. Your healer should heal your tank through it. However, all other melee DPS will need to run directly into the area in front of Murmur and move away from the tank to avoid damage.

If you curator gets Touch of Murmur, it should keep healing the tank and stay where it is. If your healer is positioned correctly on her own, she shouldn’t affect other party members. She will have to heal herself after the explosion.

Yew Ranged DPS gets Touch of Murmur, they need to keep shooting/casting spells. They must keep their DPS to the max at all times. Don’t run, it won’t do any good. It’s more important that you continue to DPS. After the explosion, they will need to bandage themselves and/or take health potions. If they are placed correctly, they should not harm anyone else.

Yew Melee DPS gains Touch of Murmur, they must immediately run to the clear area in front of Murmur. If they’re not fast enough, they’ll take out your group by killing the tank.

If you follow the above strategy, Murmur is a very easy kill. The less melee DPS you have in the group, the easier it becomes because no one has to move when they get Touch of Murmur, and the overall DPS will be constant throughout the fight.

The Health Benefits of Weightlifting and Strength Training

Resistance training, also known as strength or weight training, has become one of the popular forms of exercise for both improving individual fitness and conditioning athletes. No disrespect to cardio, but if you want to burn fat, get in shape, and shake everything that comes your way, lifting weights is what you need. Certified experts. Heavy work is in! You can’t move a kettlebell these days without consulting some training guru, exercise program, or book that advises women to not only lift weights, but lift more weight.

Research shows that lifting weights consistently not only maintains bone mass, but also helps build new bone, and heavy lifting will build bigger, stronger muscles, strengthen the muscles that surround and support joints, and help prevent injuries. If you have osteoporosis you should seek the advice of a personal trainer and if you can’t afford it don’t worry. Susie Hathaway, a certified personal trainer, will guide you on how to train safely and slow bone loss in two workouts a week, without long-distance cardio. She simply follows the simple steps on the DVD that comes with her book and she will reap the benefits of weightlifting…

Another benefit of weightlifting is that it increases the level of testosterone in both men and women. When you lift weights, your body begins to release natural growth hormone and a healthy level of testosterone. Testosterone helps you burn body fat, build muscle, put you in a good mood, and increase sexual function. If you are a woman of that age, strength training, interval training will normalize your testosterone level and help you get through menopause. These are not drugs or bioidentical hormones, they are secrets to help you stay healthy.

Benefits of weightlifting

If you knew that a certain type of exercise could benefit your heart, improve your balance, strengthen your bones, and help you lose weight while looking and feeling better, wouldn’t you want to start? Well, studies show that strength training can provide all of those benefits and more. Most athletes do strength training as part of their overall training program. Their main interest is not how much weight they can lift, but whether the increased strength generated by training results in better performance in their sport.

Strength Training and Chronic Illness

Studies have documented the many wellness benefits of strength training, including helping with weight loss, people with chronic diseases manage their conditions. If you have arthritis, strength training can be just as effective as medication in reducing pain. And for the 14 million Americans with type 2 diabetes, strength training along with other healthy lifestyle changes can help improve glucose control.

How to add weightlifting to your routine

If you’re looking to add weightlifting exercises to your routine, you have several options. You can hire a personal trainer, go to the gym, or get a strength training program that allows you to work out in the privacy of your own home. You can even use your body weight as resistance, squatting on a chair, push-ups, planks are very effective. If you have health problems, ask your doctor what type of strength training is best for you. According to The American Council on Exercise, when you do strength, weight, or resistance training, your body demands more energy. The harder you are working, the more energy is demanded. That means more calories burned during the workout. There you have it, the health benefits of weightlifting and strength training,

Panosteitis in the Basset Hound

Panosteitis is a condition that is occasionally seen in the Basset Hound breed. It is also known as wandering or transient lameness. It is a bone disease characterized by bone proliferation and remodeling. Garlic is associated with many large breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Great Danes, Doberman Pinschers, etc. The problem for me lies in the fact that many vets do not associate a Basset Hound with this ailment when in fact panosteitis is quite common in the breed.

The biggest concern for me is the misdiagnosis of some Basset Hounds, when they experience Panosteitis. A misdiagnosis could result in unnecessary surgery. You should always mention the possibility of Panosteitis to your veterinarian before agreeing to surgery for ailments such as elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and other more serious conditions. An x-ray is the first thing you should do to rule out an injury due to some kind of trauma.

Panosteitis is a self-limited condition that can begin between 6 and 18 months, but will usually resolve on its own by treating symptoms with pain relievers such as Rymadyl or even buffered aspirin and anti-inflammatories by the time they are two years old. When your Basset Hound has a bout of panosteitis, he will have a moderate to severe lameness. He often goes back and forth and switches from one leg to another. You should limit your activities while taking pain medicine. Pain medication can give your dog a false sense of well-being and aggravate him even more. Panosteitis is more common in the young male dog than in the female.

Ideally, crate your pup while you deal with this garlic.

The crate should be large enough for them to stand up, stretch, and turn around comfortably. A soft cushion to lie on, with blankets and toys will make you feel at home. During his walks and bathroom breaks, help him up and down stairs. Don’t let him jump on furniture. If you want him in bed with you… Pick him up!

There are many theories as to why certain breeds might develop this, although none have been proven. Since the disease shows up consistently in certain breeds…it’s very likely there’s a genetic link. One thing is for sure. Feeding a large breed dog an extremely high-protein food causes it to grow faster, which can have an impact on your pup’s development. Panosteitis is often called “growing pains.” Growing up too fast is not always good.

Panosteitis is a problem for our large breed puppies, but once you’ve seen a vet and know this is what you’re dealing with, you can take comfort in the fact that it will resolve itself and your pup shouldn’t have a side. persistent or long-term. condition effects. Treat the symptoms, keep him comfortable while restricting his movement, and give him lots of love and attention. This stage of his development will pass and he should be perfectly fine.

Ecco shoes that improve posture

Ecco has a simple philosophy: the shoes should follow the foot.

When you wear a pair of shoes that let your foot lead, you can change the way your body feels, acts and responds. These shoes can improve your posture, even when you’re standing still.

In 1963, Karl Toosbuy sold his car and house and moved to Bredebro, Denmark, where he opened his first factory for his new company, Ecco Sko A/S (later renamed Ecco). Early work focused on flexible and durable soles for unparalleled comfort. In the late 1990s, the company began offering shoes for men and women. By 2000, Ecco’s largest single market was the United States, where it now faces shoe giants Nike, Reebok and Adidas.

The company calls its products “physiological shoes.” Due to their design, these shoes can activate the support of the body and postural muscles so that you walk more upright and get an improved workout. Instead of making the foot mold to the shoe, Ecco builds its shoes to follow the normal shape and function of the foot. The response to the 56-year-old company has been positive. Today it is one of the world’s leading footwear companies and is one of the leaders in the field of comfortable footwear.

One of Ecco’s most popular lines is their MBT footwear, which stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. In explaining the process, Ecco suggests remembering the feeling of walking barefoot on a natural surface. There is nothing smooth about a grassy surface as it usually “give” more than a concrete surface. Walking through these surface variations can cause you to constantly change your posture, so your foot stretches more, your gait changes, and your posture improves.

Basically, MBT technology allows us to walk the way our ancestors walked before the day of shoes. Also:

  • tones and strengthens the muscles of the feet, legs, buttocks, stomach and back
  • improves circulation and increases muscle activity
  • relieves stress on the back and joints
  • absorbs the impact on our joints and discs
  • helps us to be more upright

Ecco’s sports shoe line (MBT shoes) launched Ecco into the shoe business. These shoes come in athletic styles, boots, casual shoes, clogs, sandals, and dress shoes for men and women. They are all made with Masai Barefoot technology.

  • The classic Ecco shoe is the black nubuck and mesh MBT Men’s Sport model, which comes in black with a white stripe around the back of the heel. This model comes in a variety of colors and stripes, including solid black.
  • Ecco also makes a walking shoe that looks a lot like athletic shoes, but made of soft leather that hugs the foot. This model also comes in white with navy blue leather details.
  • Ecco did not forget about the nature lover either. He Kifundo chocolate leather boot has the same MBT sole. The leather goes up to the ankle and has five eyelets to tie.
  • Similar to the Kifundo boot is the Fanaka Gore-Tex chocolate nubuck. This model doesn’t rise as high on the ankle as the boot, which makes this waterproof model a bit more stylish. It is available in rough brown leather and smooth black waterproof leather.
  • For a dress shoe, men may want to try the Tariki – Walnut Oiled Leather Shoe. Still within the MBT family, this shoe is four laced and comes in a rich burnished brown.
  • For casual days, Ecco makes several men’s sandals, all MBT models. The Kisumu men’s sandal in chocolate nubuck has a special sole for walking and two thick straps that provide ample support to the foot. It is also available in two variations: black nubuck and black nubuck with gray trim. Women who want the support of MBT shoes have almost as many selections to choose from as men. They can choose from sneakers similar to the men’s models, such as Chapa in ebony suede and mesh, as well as coffee brown, birch nubuck and mesh, and chili (red) nubuck and mesh.
  • For a little color and fun, try the Lami Mary-Jane in purple suede. She sports gray leather trim and a velcro strap to break up the purple. Do you like the shoe, but want to tone down the color? It also comes in caviar black leather.
  • Do you want something more elegant? Take a look at the Tunisha Mary-Jane in Grape Leather. The smooth leather and buckled strap add to the sleeker look, but the sole gives you the same great ride as the sportier models. The Tunisha is also available in plain black.
  • Go outside when it’s hot? Try one of the women’s MTB sandals: the Kisumu sandal in black or chocolate nubuck – or the black Panda model with white trim (also available in anthracite, which is silver with deep purple trim).

With so many comfortable and stylish shoes to choose from, Ecco is making fashion footwear fun again!

The new boy

Hey everyone, I’m here for the new guy or gal who wants to get started in the affiliate marketing business and have a piece of the pie.

Well, I have to say that before you buy anything or get caught up in the hype, it’s harder than you think. It’s not impossible, but you will lose hair! If you don’t have, don’t rub too hard as the skin is not that thick.

I would say, “READ THE FINE PRINT”, especially when it comes to something like, “ONE-TIME PAYMENT FOR LIFE”. Yeah, introductions like that. I’m serious! For God’s sake, investigate! I cannot ask or beg of you enough. I learned the hard way and lost what little but hard-earned money I had in my account. Life lesson. I had to go through channels I don’t want to repeat by having my bank connect me with their investigator and a third party phone call with the company or service to resolve the issue.

In short, please be aware, my friends. We all want to be successful and prosperous and have an amazing life and lifestyle. I know yes, and I am working hard every day to achieve it.

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Getting started can be very frustrating, and knowing the right places to go is vital to getting out the starting gate faster.

STEP ONE: Select a hosting provider. There are so many out there with really great deals to choose from.

iPage, bluehost, HostGator, StartLogic, FatCow, justhost,, SiteBuilder, GoDaddy.

Mine personally is “iPage”. Hosting for 1.99 per year and free domain. Great start and then you can change or upgrade at a later time when you are more established or see results.

SECOND STEP: Choose a Domain name for your Landing page. This can be overwhelming at times, but don’t get too attached to it. Choose a short name that is close enough to the niche or topic you are representing. For example, if you’re leaning toward the health and fitness genre, you might want to use something along the lines of “,” or if you’re selecting a specific product, try to point to that name as closely as possible. . Do not make the site name too long as it is difficult to remember for one thing and another is that in Google, part of the title may be cut off because of this.

Most of the time it will be a broader topic or title so you can have more offers, products or services that fit your niche or category.

The two steps above are the most common way to start your business. There are tons of tutorials on the internet to guide you through the implementation process.

For Products, Services, Marketing, Traffic, and Subscribers, select the ones listed below. They’re great and I’d say most if not all marketers use them in some way.

CLICKBANK. Sign up to get your ads, offers, products, services and earnings.

A WEBER. What to write”.

UDIMI. Building your subscriber list

There are more like these, and other methods, but this is enough to get the ball rolling.

I started with a product that already has the landing page and domain created. I purchased an offer from ClickBank and it was very easy to follow to get started and drive traffic to my offers. It cost me like 37 bucks, and yeah I read the fine print lol. there are update packages there for a later date, but this will launch it. Really cool. But I am still building my own separate landing page for more opportunities to grow and generate traffic to double my subscriber list and make a living.

Well, I hope you get some helpful tips here and can explain some starting questions you might have.

I know that I am not a professional as I am also new to this business. There are definitely more guys here who can add to this with more detailed information and their strategies on how they get going.

So until another time I hope you have a great time in your new endeavors.