The secret to hiring the best divorce lawyer for half the price

It sounds like you’re headed for a divorce, or maybe you’re already in the middle of one. He has realized that hiring the best attorney is essential to getting a great result, however paying $400 an hour with a $10,000 retainer fee is just not going to happen.

let me share a dirty little secret with you. You can have the best lawyer for half the price with Mediation. Some of the best and most experienced lawyers have stopped litigating and have decided that the best way to have clients satisfied with the results of their case is mediation.

Even if you are 100% successful at your trial in court (which is rarely the case), after factoring in the stress, lost time from work and family, and the enormous cost, you really haven’t won at all.

Divorce mediation is today’s answer. You can hire the best lawyer for half the cost because both you and the other party are using the same lawyer.

no more having two attorneys no longer prepare separate briefs for the court.

no more Letters and phone calls back and forth between attorneys for more than $100 each

no more in office meetings, memos, paralegal billing time, and the myriad of other office charges

no more conferences with two attorneys billing at a combined rate of over $500 per hour.

no more expensive court appearances and paying your lawyer to wait for your case to be called.

A skilled attorney does it all and can charge less because overhead costs are substantially reduced with mediation.

A Mediation Lawyer is totally neutral. Her only goal is to help the parties reach an agreement they can both live with.

Even when each party has their own lawyer, I can assure you that sooner or later the case will be resolved. Only about 5% or less of cases are ever litigated.

Yes, you will settle your case and your lawyer and the judge will make sure of it. The problem is that you will have spent thousands of dollars in attorney fees, not to mention your own wasted time and stress to come to an agreement that is probably not as satisfactory as one obtained through Mediation.

The parties never have to play against each other. The mediator may offer separate sessions with each party throughout the conciliation process.

With the proper technique and negotiation skills, a skilled attorney can help the parties find an agreement they both feel good about. Mediation has tremendous benefits besides saving money.

Click here for the top 10 benefits of mediation.

Traffic Building – Discover Your Free Website Traffic Generator

Are you like many internet marketers, feel like your website doesn’t stand on its own, always looking for a new supply of cash to get you through another month?

You’ve reached that point where you can no longer justify your support payments to Google or other PPC engines to drive website traffic. It’s just costing you more than it should, and you’re exhausting your online earning potential.

However, you know that without serious website traffic it’s impossible to build a list or sell anything…

So what are you going to do now?

It’s time to do your research and learn how to create your own free website traffic generator and implement it quickly.

One of the most common mistakes that both new and veteran internet marketers keep making is simply not taking massive immediate action and implementing their new knowledge or tool.

They did their own research, they learned the basics, but they didn’t take the final, most important step for some reason. The only thing I can offer as an explanation is “fear of success”, it sounds strange, but look in the mirror, it really prevents you from taking massive action and implementing your new knowledge.

There are only 3 basic principles you need to learn to be successful in internet marketing:

traffic generationlist building and sales copywriting, but without first generating traffic, neither list building nor sales copywriting really matters either.

1) live referred traffic It’s the highest quality traffic you can generate, and it includes visitors: from another site, from a sales letter you sent them by reading an article you posted online. These are the most qualified leads, assuming the source of the referral accurately represents the nature of your site. (i.e. an article about dog training that sends the visitor to a site about pet training will not convert, it must be about dog training)

2) Search Engine Referrals is the next highest quality traffic source. You can use article writing to position yourself as an expert in your niche and create high ranking positions on your related website pages. For example, if your site ranks in the top 10 or 20 websites for a particular search term, and a visitor clicks on your site after searching for a particular keyword or phrase in a search engine. These are search engine referrals, sometimes called organic search traffic. (i.e. the visitor was specifically looking for your type of information)

Free website traffic is initially labor intensive, but investing yourself in these two main areas will bring you the online success you are striving for. This is where the massive action should take place, just do the work!

Soon, Find out how article writing will become your free website traffic generator creating online profit for you by driving more qualified visitors to your website, not necessarily large volumes of traffic to your website. These two sources of traffic will generate the most qualified visitor to your website, which tends to be more profitable and requires less volume because they will convert to sales more easily.

You want more profitable sales, not just more traffic to your website!

My Wife Won’t Initiate Sex: The Awful Truth You May Not Want To Know About Your Wife And Sex

Are you in a marriage where your wife doesn’t initiate sex, but you really want her to?

Well, you’re not alone in this at all…it happened in my marriage, and in many (if not most) other men’s marriages as well.

But it doesn’t have to mean conflict in a marriage, the end of a marriage, or even the end of good sex in a marriage if you do it right…

Why doesn’t a wife initiate sex…

Before solving a problem, we first have to understand that problem. When it comes to the problem of a wife not initiating sex, there are many things you need to know to realize that your marriage is not necessarily in trouble. But it also doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of trouble. I’ll explain more about that in a minute.

But first let’s clear up a few things. Your wife isn’t initiating sex because…well…she’s not like you. She is wired differently from you. Just because he’s RTG (ready to go) as soon as he wakes up until he goes to bed doesn’t mean his wife will be. We guys get horny over every little thing every few seconds. It’s just the way we’re connected. We are externally motivated for sex, so our brain drives our sex drive out of many picture situations… and pictures are everywhere.

However, your wife is not like that. She doesn’t look at a banana and get turned on in the same way that we can look at erect nipples on a mannequin and be RTG, or other simple things that make us almost Neanderthal. His wife is turned on by the emotional circumstances. Intimacy, erotic stories, happiness, security… these are all the things that turn your wife on… and ironically they are the things that bore us to death.

So unfortunately for all the men in the world who get upset because our wives don’t act like the women in porn and are RTG in the blink of an eye, or discovering a penis… we have to get over it. and learn to play the game.

We have to realize that if our wives are feeling things emotionally, then they’re not going to initiate sex with you because, frankly, they’re not going to be in the mood for it. In fact, the most we can hope for as husbands is for our wives to be ready when we start, and take those single-digit times they start as a bonus.

You see, a lot of men will get mad at their wives, take it personally, and constantly nag their wives not to initiate sex, but it won’t do anything to make the woman want more sex, let alone initiate it.

So this is where the problem lies. If your wife doesn’t initiate sex… or even more so she doesn’t want to have sex when you initiate it, this could it means that she has some hidden negative thoughts (from you) about you and your marriage. Which means that her lack of sex and her wife’s lack of interest in her sex could be indications that her marriage is more troubled than she realizes. It could also mean that she would be much more willing and open to an affair with someone who would actually make her feel more positive thoughts.

So if your wife doesn’t initiate sex, it could mean that you are doing the wrong thing. It could also mean that this is becoming a deep-seated problem in her marriage.

How to get it right with your costume Costume accessories

Costumes go hand in hand with accessories. In fact, there are some costumes that just can’t be complete without the right accessories. The accessories complete the look and even make it easy for the people in the group to know which character you are playing. With so many accessory options available today, you need to make sure you get it right every time.

shoes and feet – Some costumes come complete with shoes and footwear, saving you the need to start looking for the right shoes and feet to work with the outfit. However, even when looking at what your costume has, you need to make sure that your feet and shoes are comfortable to wear during the party. The fact is that some may be too big or too tight, too hot or too high for your liking. In case you are not comfortable in the shoes or do not feel flexible enough in your feet, consider the options of replacing them with one that is more comfortable for you. The fact is, it’s hard for a costume to break down just because you made changes to the shoes or feet it originally came with.

masks – Some of the costumes won’t work without a mask. A good example is the Zorro themed fancy dress costume which can lose its impact without the trademark mask. When choosing masks, be sure to consider your visibility behind them. The best goggle should play its role, but still offer you good visibility. You also don’t want to keep taking your mask off every time you want to talk or eat. It is advisable to select masks that offer good coverage around the eyes, nose and, of course, even the mouth. You also want to make sure it’s not too tight or too hot, especially if you’ll be wearing it all day.

glitter and paint – They make amazing options for skins as they are easy to make and use. However, when choosing, make sure that it is painted well to complete the look. You don’t want to end up looking like a dog when your intentions were to look like a cat, for example. It’s also important to choose paint and glitter that are safe to use on skin. Always ask about the ingredients they are made from and how safe they are for your skin.

wands and swords – These are some of the accessories that you have to take most of the party. However, you should consider how possible it is to stack them when the need arises and then retract them to support. For example, it can be difficult to hold candy or party food with a wand or sword, and a costume with a section where you can safely insert the wand or sword to give your hands flexibility can be a amazing choice. This feature is not only convenient, but also ensures that your items stay safe with you.

4 Crucial Ways to Control Android App Development Costs

One of the main concerns for most companies when looking for lower application development costs due to budget pressure is quality. It’s always undemanding to compromise on app quality while cutting costs when, inevitably, quality is the cornerstone of the apps people love most. Therefore, when there are many ways to reduce application development costs without impacting aspects of UX design and QA, it is prudent for companies to invest in one. Here are some tips to tactfully cut the expenses involved in developing an app.

Destination number devices/platforms

The outlay of developing an app corresponds directly to the operating system platforms and mobile devices that it targets in the marketplace. All major platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS have their own limitations and potentialities. The higher the number of target platforms, the higher your development expenses. Apart from adding hassles, Android app development has various classifications on the devices. So it is smarter to choose a preferred platform and range of devices according to the target audience as it is purely efficient.

Go to an MVP app

The MVP (Minimal Viable Product) concept does not pressure developers to reinvent the wheel. When it’s always difficult to incorporate all the unique ideas into an app to make it more interesting, developing an app with just the core idea is enough. App creators are encouraged to define their target users, analyze market trends, brainstorm with a development team, and then narrow down ideas to the most prospective ones. This results in the development of a really useful application with cost savings.

iterate the process

Outsourcing to in-province mobile app development pioneers is a great way to eliminate cost overruns. When the development task is handed over to an eminent company, they divide the entire process into iterations. This results in more accurate cost estimates and helps customers plan their budget based on the cost involved in tasks for each iteration. Additionally, developers can make any changes to the app in between at the request of customers, saving money that would have been wasted if changes were made after release.

Minimize the use of custom processes or graphics

Finally, an easy way for app investors to control cost is to restrict the use of custom layouts, animations, fonts, and graphics in the app. Full customization is not necessary at all when various basic elements like the way of navigation, buttons are common in most apps and app stores have come up with their own UI/UX guidelines. Therefore, it’s wise to stick to the basics and standards of application development and opt for customization only when it’s appropriate to do so.

In this mobile-first era, where mobile apps have become the advantageous medium for businesses to boost their marketing, businesses without a custom app will fail to get ahead of the competition. Therefore, these above mentioned points are sure ways for companies to develop an app without feeling a strain on their pockets and keeping its quality intact.

5 Elements You Must Use When Writing a Perfect Business Blog Post

You may have read a lot of business blog posts. But have you ever come across a perfect business blog post?

Do you know how to write it? If not, then read this post.

You must have a lot of trade publications. Some are good, while others may not be. But, there is no perfect blog post. So, to write a perfect business blog post, you need certain elements and strategies.

Before I get into the details of writing the perfect business post, I want to tell you about the most important component of the perfect business post. And that’s before you write, just ask yourself this simple question: “What is the unique angle of this post and how will it help my audience?”

Does it mean simply discovering how your publication differs from others?

What are the interests and needs of your readers?

These two elements, uniqueness and audience targeting, separate the good posts from the great ones.

Here are five elements that can be consistently found in popular business blog posts:

1. Captivating Opening: The opening of your blog post is the hook that will get people to start reading. Without a captivating opening, the audience may not even click on the article or be interested in reading it in the first place.

The title of your blog is one of the most critical elements. One survey found that 80% of people will read the headline and only 20% will read the rest.

If you want to get the most clicks, your headline should be clear, concise, and self-explanatory.

As you write the opening paragraph or sentence, try to put yourself in the mindset of your ideal reader: What problems will you seek to solve?

What can you do to show that you understand what they are struggling with?

2. Use of an image related to a caption: Cheap-looking or irrelevant images have the potential to completely undermine the rest of your content. Therefore, it is better to choose related images for your post first. Also, it’s good to use captions on images whenever possible.

3. Information and External Data: Although this is important for all blog posts, but when it comes to business blogs, it is very important. Many readers will approach your posts with some doubt, especially if you have a small business blog. Therefore, you must use external information to increase your credibility.

For example, you can use customer testimonials, research data, or expert quotes in your business blog posts.

4. A clear point of view: Nobody likes to read a tasteless article. With so much content available online, having a clear and focused point of view will help you set yourself apart. Every blog post should have a clear opinion or point of view.

5. Easy-to-read structure: When writing a business publication, make sure it looks easy to read at first glance. This means using short paragraphs, subheadings, the proper use of headings, lists, and generally anything that makes your content seem less intimidating to read.

These were the five strategies that work well for increasing clicks and social sharing of your content. So the next time you’re writing a business blog post for any article writing company or service, use these five strategies.

A mother’s dilemma about preschool homework

Homework for preschoolers… what is your response to this practice? Well first let me clarify what kind of task I mean. It’s the kind that requires a child to copy numerous pages of alphabets or words. And if the child is learning Mandarin, he would be copying pages of Chinese characters. Regarding this controversial issue, there seem to be 3 types of fathers:

  1. Parents laughing at the idea of ​​preschool homework. They say it is absurd and unnecessary. Repetitive typing does them no good. Children at this age should play because that is how they learn. Homework takes the fun out of learning.
  2. Parents who say it is necessary. How else are parents going to know what their children are learning in preschool? Review and practice are a must, even if it’s boring. In addition, it gives children the opportunity to learn discipline. They need it if they are going to be ready for “real” school.
  3. Parents who are 50/50. They fully agree that playing is important. But they also agree that homework has some benefits too. The problem is that they are confused:
    • Learning should be fun. Homework is not fun. It will kill my son’s enthusiasm for learning.
    • But the task must serve for something. If not, why haven’t they ruled out that idea?
    • If I don’t bother with homework, that’s still okay, since there are other ways to learn. But if I don’t bother with homework, she won’t learn discipline. And later, when she goes to the ‘real’ school, she will also be careless in her homework.

So which am I? The one that spells CONFUSION.

The following is a typical roller coaster that I ride. I’m sure many parents are familiar with the following process:

Reminder: “Have you already finished your homework?”

direct order: “Do your homework now!”

supervision: “Stop playing and focus on your homework.”

try to cheer up:”Come on, you can do this. Get this over with and then you can go play”

Frustration:”Aren’t you done yet?”

threats:”Finish your homework or else…”

Resignation“Aiyah, you want to do or you don’t want to do, it’s up to you. I give up.”

So much unnecessary stress and tension. There has to be a better way to handle this task battle.

After much reading and thinking, I came up with 6 things that will help release tension:

  1. I sew preschool. By doing so, I indirectly agree with your ideas and ways. So if there’s homework to do, do it. There’s no point in going to the teacher to debate whether that homework is worth it and blaming him for his high blood pressure and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome. If you don’t want the headache of homework, find a preschool that will grant you that wish.
  2. Contact the teacher. Find out how they deal with unfinished homework. Are they the monsters we make them out to be? Those who hold a rattan in one hand and how proudly they spit out of their mouths? Or do you allow the child to work at his own pace?
  3. Don’t focus on the negative. Please ignore the crooked and mangled writing. Instead, praise the ones that look decent. More important is the effort they put in and not the result of that effort. Praise often to make homework an enjoyable experience.
  4. Carry out other activities that give meaning to your task. Reading aloud to them every day will teach them that the letters and words they write can make beautiful stories. Find all the words with “a” in that story. He sings songs like “Ant on the Apple.” Use plasticine to create that alphabet. Be creative. There are tons of ideas from books and the internet to help you. If you don’t have ideas, ask the teacher again. Make your homework a combination of exciting activities and not a boring standalone task.
  5. Talk to your child. Find out how they feel about homework. What is the problem? Sometimes all they need is to be heard. Don’t downplay or belittle their feelings. Find a solution together. This is what I do with my daughter Karina:

      Mom: What time are you going to finish your homework? Karina: After dinner. I’m tired now. Mom: Ok, what can mommy do if Karina doesn’t then? Karina: I’ll sit down to rest until I decide to finish it. Mom: Sounds good. Do you need help with your homework? Karina: No. I can do it myself. Mom: That’s great. Let’s write down what we just discussed. Anything you want to add? karina: yes I buy ice cream once I finish my homework.

    Notice that there are no screams. Their feelings and ideas are respected and they take responsibility for their actions. I especially like the idea of ​​making an agreement. When promises are put in writing and the child has to sign their name, weight is added to the promise. The child feels valued when he sees that his words are important enough to write.

  6. be near. Make sure you are available when help is needed. Let them know that they are not alone in tackling difficult tasks. Don’t assume that what seems easy to you may be difficult for them.

So my take on the preschool homework…why have a cow on it? If it’s boring, let’s make it a pleasant kind of boredom. It takes effort to figure out how to do it. And then it takes more effort to fight that nagging desire to play dictator. But with a plan in hand and a little digging in our bag of tricks, it can be done. Yes, preschool homework can be stress free. Make up your mind today and go for it.

Your guide to facelifts

A facelift is a surgical operation performed to treat severe facial sagging and skin laxity. While many patients have spent their hard-earned money on quick fixes like fillers and injectables, a growing number of people are realizing that there is simply no substitute for a traditional facelift. While many alternative treatments tend to only last a number of months, this procedure will maintain its results for more than ten years. In this article, we will describe this procedure and provide information to help prospective patients make a more informed decision.

Facelifts can correct many aspects of appearance, including:

• Sagging of the middle third of the face

• Loss of muscle tone

• Displaced or fallen fat deposits

• Deep creases under the lower eyelids.

• Deep wrinkles that extend from the corner of the mouth to the nose.

• Sagging in the middle of the face

• Excess fat deposits and loose skin under the jaw and chin, causing the appearance of a double chin.

Before surgery, you will want to schedule a consultation. This evaluation will help determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Your doctor will review your medical history and assess your skin elasticity, facial bone structure, folds and wrinkles, as well as your hairline. Be prepared to discuss your general expectations related to the procedure as well. Photos will also be taken beforehand.

Once the decision to proceed with the procedure has been made, you will likely receive a list of instructions. These instructions will describe everything from the use of medications to smoking and various activities. Be sure to tell your doctor about all current medications.

Quitting smoking before your operation is essential for a healthy recovery. In general, it is recommended that patients stop smoking for one month before and after the operation. Smoking greatly reduces blood flow to areas of the face, greatly increasing the chances of skin death around the incision area during recovery.

The entire operation typically takes two to four hours to complete. Most procedures are outpatient, however overnight stays can usually be arranged. Some discomfort afterwards should be expected. This can be controlled through the use of over-the-counter or prescription medications. In general, patients should refrain from attending lavish social events for up to three months to ensure full recovery.

Those hoping to learn more about their options related to facelift surgery are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon. He or she will be able to better assess your individual case and make appropriate recommendations.

Customer service is FREE!

A few years ago, Philip Crosby wrote a best-selling book, QUALITY IS FREE.

Countering the perception that producing flawless products is expensive, Crosby demonstrates that the savings achieved, especially in manufacturing, by doing something right the first time and by avoiding recalls and repairs, is an effort that pays for itself.

In the same spirit, I’m here to shout from the rooftops that CUSTOMER SERVICE IS FREE.

This is to counter a growing and debilitating belief that delivering services, especially through human beings, is an old, unnecessary, expensive frill when technologies like the Internet can be used to deliver information and promote much cheaper self-help.

Companies are dismantling their customer service staff, in some cases after outsourcing them at a staggeringly higher cost (30% higher according to a Gartner Group study), but with diminished quality.

There is a fundamental misperception regarding service that confounds our thinking and leads to shrinking training budgets and the evisceration of service personnel, everywhere:

Accountants, operations officers and the companies they serve have mislabeled customer service as a COST.

The implication is that a dollar invested in a person who answers questions and calms down concerned callers earns substantially less than a dollar in repeat business, referrals, upsells, positive public relations, and employee satisfaction.

This perception has never been conclusively proven.

There just aren’t many studies that even attempt to assess the impact customer service has on the bottom line, whether it’s the effect of an individual representative on their customers or the impact a company’s service program has on retaining and improving their customer service. customer base. , or effects service is responsible for producing through an industry or the economy, as a whole.

We see a lot of claims that “it’s 6 times” or “8 times” or “10 times” more expensive to put a new customer on the books than it is to retain an existing one, but how many companies have customer satisfaction monitoring techniques that capture the events? of service and say specifically, “Emily saved this customer, whose expected lifetime value to our company is X dollars, by using an effective protocol for handling customer transactions”?

Less dramatically, how many companies track what everyone seems to say is the Holy Grail of service, customer loyalty? More specifically, can your organization accurately predict which of today’s customers will stick with you and which will leave before it’s too late?

As rare as they are, such metrics can be found, and we need to develop more of them.

For example, my TEAMEASURES(TM) or Telephone Effectiveness Evaluation Measures(TM) monitor customer transactions for what we call “Re-engagement”. This is a commitment, or its equivalent, that a customer will return to do additional business with us.

This STATED INTENT, OBTAINED IN A DISCREET AND VOLUNTARY MANNER FROM THE CUSTOMER, operationally defines Loyalty, allowing it to be deliberately evoked, tracked, monetized and rewarded by both the customer and the service representative who generates it.

Without devices like TEAMEASURES and the systematic thinking, research and investment they represent, customer service departments and service providers in general cannot justify their existence and quietly disappear.

In this sense, not appreciating that customer support is free is the costliest customer support mistake of all.

Cocker Spaniel Aggression: What You Need To Know And How To Stop It

The Cocker Spaniel inherited many wonderful traits that make them the perfect family pet. They are intelligent, quick to learn, playful, and want to please everyone. They were first introduced as a hunting dog or hunting dog, as some might refer to them. His job was to clean up and recover fallen game for the hunters. Due to their genetic history, unwanted aggressive behavior can sometimes develop. Here’s what you should know about Cocker Spaniel aggression.

Most aggression problems stem from mistreating the puppy or allowing the puppy to develop aggressive manners or tendencies. The most common cause is a lack of socialization as a puppy. All dogs need to be properly socialized with people, other pets, and children as puppies to avoid developing aggressive behavior.

Reason for aggression towards strangers

The reason for aggression towards strangers is that the dog has never had a chance to get used to them. Fear of strangers can be overcome by socializing your pup as much as you can. The same goes for other pets or dogs in the neighborhood. When socializing your pet, it is best to advise people not to approach the dog, but to wait until the dog approaches them before petting and greeting. After a while, you will notice that your dog is more relaxed around strangers, as he has gained confidence. Fear of the stranger is at the root of this problem. The Cocker is not sure what to expect.

The two main reasons for aggression towards family members are:

1) The dog is trying to protect something of its own from a possible threat. This can be any number of things, including his food, a toy, or a bone.

2) The dog is not comfortable being handled or treated by you or other family members. There has been a break in the pack order and the dog is trying to show dominance over him.

It is important to never hit, physically punish or yell at your Cocker Spaniel, as this will only instill fear in your dog and lead to the development of an aggressive dog over time.

How to stop aggression

Your Cocker Spaniel should be part of the pack, but if he wonders who is the pack leader, he will begin to challenge range and show dominance within the home. This is where you need to step up to take on the role of pack leader as the alpha dog. You need to establish a firm and strong home by demanding respect for your dog in a calm but stern manner.

where to start

The first place to start is by taking control of your home. Keep in mind that for the dog all family members fall somewhere in the pack order. In your dog’s eyes, he lives within a pack and needs to know where he is within range. If it is not clear who is the leader of the pack, the dog will try to exert dominance over him and will be difficult to control.

In the next step, the limits must be set. Start by taking back control of your personal space. Don’t let the dog sleep with you. The best dog always gets the best place to sleep. Don’t let your dog in the future or in any room you don’t want him to be in.

Feed your puppy on a predictable schedule, this will help prevent the dog from developing food aggression.

Never overreact if your dog shows aggression towards another dog and do not pay attention after a show of aggression. The best course to follow is to separate the dogs and reintroduce them after a calm state has been established. This can be done with a simple tug on the leash to break his mindset and waiting for a lull. You can further show your dominance by either breaking the behavior with a word of your choice or a sound you make. Just be consistent.

Aggression towards children or family members

If the aggression is directed at a person or a child in your home, it is advisable to immediately seek the help of a professional trainer or canine behaviorist. They will help you quickly identify the specific source that is causing the problem. Never leave a small child with any animal without proper supervision. The Cocker Spaniel is a small but powerful dog and can cause serious injury. Don’t take this for granted.

Make sure your pup is getting the right amount of exercise. This will help prevent your dog from becoming neurotic and anxious, which can pave the way for aggression.

Cocker Spaniels can pick up on your mood and how you react to things. If you show fear, they will become anxious, which could lead to aggression. However, if you are calm, relaxed, and assertive, you can show them that you are in charge. The Cocker wants a safe home and the assurance that the pack leader will protect and care for them.

how dogs think

Dogs normally do things in a series of actions. For example; Before a dog bites, he will normally lift his upper lip, growl, bare his teeth and snarl, sometimes barking once as a warning signal and then attempting to bite. Unfortunately, most people only notice the latter. Noticing your dogs early actions, you can determine further actions by breaking the moment. Dogs think in the moment. As the pack leader, you should let your dog know that the behavior is unacceptable with a firm command.

dominance aggression

There are many forms of aggression. Dominance aggression is the most common. Your dog is most likely to display this aggressive behavior during the behaviorally mature stages between one and two years of age. Correcting this behavior at this stage is quite simple if you work with the dog early in development and on a daily basis.

Aggression in older dogs

If you are experiencing aggression in an older dog, the first thing to do is make sure your dog is in good health. Follow the steps above to determine the type of assault and the cause to make corrections. Retraining an older dog can be a bit more difficult, but it can be done. You will need a little patience.

getting help

Aggression can be upsetting to a dog owner and family members. However, with a little observation and simple adjustments, most problems can be corrected. However, it is better to catch and start correcting the behavior early to prevent it from getting out of hand. Know that you can always get help from a professional trainer or behaviorist if the task turns out to be more than you’d like to handle. If you don’t know where to look, try calling your local vet for suggestions. The sooner you correct the problem, the happier everyone will be, including your Cocker Spaniel. A dog with an aggression problem must be taken seriously and immediate steps taken to correct the behavior.