Why are you absent from class?

Students go to school because it is in school that they can learn many things. Attendance is very important to student achievement and success in school. The goal of academic institutions is that when a student is always in school, he or she can develop personal responsibility, can adhere to state and district regulations, and can build a sense of trust between their school and home. . A teacher may ask “Why are you absent?” During the school year, a student may be absent from classes for a variety of reasons. Some are acceptable while others are not. Here are the top five reasons why students are absent frequently:

Illness or illness and appointment with the doctor or dentist. This is the main reason a student is absent. Your illness can be in the form of fever, chickenpox, gum problems, or any other illness. Sometimes these are unacceptable and teachers or professors require a medical certificate as proof. There are schools that have their own medical appointment arrangements on how it should be done. You really need to monitor your health. After all, health is a precious wealth.

1. Family emergencies. Families are important. There could be a problem within the family that the child needs to be absent. It could be in the form of death in the family or funeral, a burning house, accidents and others.

two. Thugs. Students are often bullied by some of their schoolmates and that is why they do not want to go to school. They want to avoid their classmates who are bullies. It is a concern of most parents. This could have an effect on a child’s performance in school.

3. Birthdays, family visits, shopping, etc. These are not acceptable reasons for being absent. Birthdays come only once a year and students want to enjoy this day. But students don’t go to class because maybe it’s their birthday, or they go on family visits or even shopping with their friends.

Four. Illness or illness and appointment with the doctor or dentist. This is the main reason a student is absent. Your illness can be in the form of fever, chickenpox, gum problems, or any other illness. Sometimes these are unacceptable and teachers or professors require a medical certificate as proof. There are schools that have their own medical appointment arrangements on how it should be done. You really need to monitor your health. After all, health is a precious wealth.

5. laziness. Students do not go to school because perhaps they are simply lazy. They would reason that they fell asleep, they missed the bus, the weather is not good; there is a transportation problem, or you just don’t want to hear your teacher’s lectures.

The school is the one who can authorize a student’s absences. In accordance with state law, students are not to be at school unless they are very ill. This is the most valid reason for being absent. But absences are considered during religious holidays, family emergencies, and medical, legal, or dental appointments. Some absences are considered and accepted. Some are not. It is very important that parents make plans that do not affect their children’s attendance at school. Being absent for reasons that are not valid is strongly discouraged.

Do you feel cursed? How to get rid of bad mojo with do-it-yourself techniques!

Some days can be challenging, but if you have more lows than highs in a 3 week period, chances are there are stale or “negative” energies keeping you from accomplishing the little things in life. All that negativity that can ooze and begin to manifest worse situations than the inexplicable breakdown of an appliance has disappeared uncontrollably! The signs of the evil eye or spiritual work being done against you are pretty much what you would expect:

Nightmares (especially recurring ones), feeling of exhaustion, depression, paranoia, financial problems, disturbing vibrations in the house, hostility towards / from loved ones, propensity to accidents more than usual, restlessness, general malaise. Sometimes you will find yourself reflecting on every embarrassing moment you’ve ever felt, almost before waking up in the morning with your hair still glued to your pillow!

The most common form of spiritual attack is in fact the “Evil Eye”, and it is also the easiest form of malice to operate because you don’t have to be a card-carrying warlock to use it!

There are varying degrees of evil eye attacks … the most feared is the feared Mal’occhio. Not everyone can perform this version of the operation skillfully, and a would-be warlock would have to be fully and competently trained to administer it. With this in mind, from my experience, I argue that it is the common mistake of jealousy that most of us have to deal with.

Its operation is simple: thought creates and directs energy!

If your thoughts are emotionally and willingly focused enough on an event for it to happen, good or bad, that reality will seek to manifest!

It also works for the effectiveness of the curse. In other words, if you believe that you are cursed, or that someone you know has “rooted” you or cast the evil eye on you, too much attention will give negative energy an extra hand to dominate and ultimately defeat (or) you. in its worst season, pulling you out!). As dangerous as these episodes can be, there are ways to eliminate most, if not all, of the negative energies that are directed at you from the occasional smelly eye.

The first step to combat jealousy green eyes is to consider the source and walk away from that person or group, such as not getting involved in their life, more particularly their PROBLEMS! You may have to go as far as to remove some people from your favorite social network’s friends list! I’m talking about the people who call you every 5 minutes complaining miserably that everything is going wrong in their life and how lucky you are that everything comes easy to you (Yes, you can almost hear it in their voice!).

The next step I would recommend would be the 3C … Clean, Clean and Clean!


Cleanse yourself by taking a bath in holy water or sea salt, for at least 7 consecutive days. There are many things you can add to bath water to get rid of bad influences, but here we are going to stick to the basics. Sea salt is available at most dollar stores these days, but if you don’t have it ready, kosher salt or, at the very least, table salt will do the trick.


After you put a handful of salt in your bath water, I suggest you recite a prayer of protection in accordance with your religious belief system. Psalm 23 is great for this, but even saying a prayer from your heart in your own words is great!


Burn incense throughout your home, these can be from the variety of sticks found in most dollar stores or Wal-Mart. Sage is good for this, but you can use any floral scent like rose or a woody scent like sandalwood. Both are traditionally used to create sacred spaces and to “raise” vibrations in a room. It’s also a good idea to open at least one window or door in every room to “chase evil” and quickly get rid of it from your home.


Rearranging some rooms in the house, primarily the living room and bedroom, is said to help “prevent evil from returning to where it was stored.” A good mop with a bucket of ammonia water (failing that, a mixture of water, white vinegar, and salt with a splash of lemon juice) is HIGHLY suggested while burning incense. This is of great value, especially if the jealousy bug has been in your house recently, trying to get you out of conversation and out of a cup of coffee!

Start from the TOPmost floor of the house and work DOWN from the BACK of the house to the FRONT door. If you have rugs or rugs around the house, just fill a dollar store spray bottle with the water from your mop and spray the areas you can’t mop. Let the mist settle on the carpeted areas for about 15 minutes, then vacuum it over it. After vacuuming, empty the vacuum bag or container outside your home into a garbage bag. Any excess water from the mop should be flushed down the toilet. You can also clean flat surfaces, such as countertops and tables, using the spray bottle method.

The last thing you need to do is light a white candle, with the names of your family members carved on it, anointed with olive oil. This should burn for at least 7 days after your cleaning project has started. If your candle goes out completely before the 7 days are up, simply anoint another one and light it instead!

In fact, I would make a habit of lighting white candles at least once a month for spiritual protection.

Speaking of protection issues, my next article will continue to prevent the evil eye as we build a fitted “mojo” charm or bag for personal psychic protection.

If you continue to have problems beyond 2 weeks after doing your cleanse, I suggest that you consult with an experienced spiritualist or magic practitioner to ensure that there are no extreme magical practices directed against you or your loved ones.

That’s it for now, gang! I’ll share more information in the next few weeks!

Health and spirit!

Caring for wild baby mice

If for any reason wild baby mice have been placed in your care, I’ve included some tips on care and feeding to help give them a chance at life. Note that even in the wild, mice have a 50% chance of surviving beyond 5 months of age, if given normal rearing. The mice that produce it can live up to about 5 years if they are healthy. A couple will have a better chance of survival than a lone mouse.

As soon as you have your baby mice, it is important to keep them safe and warm. You can use a small pet carrier, a large plastic tub, or any other suitable box that you can put them in. Cover the bottom with a towel and place the mice on top. Then use another soft material to lightly cover the mice like fleece. Put the box in a warm place, making sure it is not hot; otherwise the mice will become dehydrated. A heater on the lowest setting may be all that is needed. Try the towel the mice are lying on so it feels comfortable and warm in your hand.

If baby mice are less than 14 days old, they will need a dropper fed a milk replacer until they are weaned. They usually open their eyes when they are about to be weaned and can eat on their own. You will need to feed them every 2 hours, so be prepared to get up for the night. Set your alarm. When I was caring for wild mice, I would get up every 2 hours to check them. I have since read that during the night the mother mouse would be out looking for food and could only return to the nest once to feed her babies. Use common sense, if you can manage a few night feedings, all the better for the babies’ chances of survival, especially in the first few days.

Kitten milk is available to buy at pet stores. I used mixed and strained raw coconut. It should be 1 cup of coconut for about 2 and a half cups of water. You can also use soaked almonds to make an almond milk using the same proportions. Make sure the nuts are natural and plain. Once you have prepared the milk, store it in a sterile glass jar and keep it in the refrigerator until you need it. When you go to feed the mice, take a quarter cup of milk and warm it by pouring it into a small jug and placing it in hot water. Use a dropper or a baby syringe (you can get these at the pharmacy) to feed 1 or 2 drops of milk at a time into the baby mouse’s mouth. When mice are really young, they may not open their mouths. Be careful not to let the milk get into their noses, if it does, they will cough or spit. It can be dangerous to your health if you do. The way I fed the mice was by putting a cloth on a table and placing one mouse on it at a time. You can then gently hold the baby’s head while you administer the milk with the dropper. You’ll get the hang of it with a little practice. Your baby may not seem to be drinking a lot of milk, don’t worry. Very young babies may only need a drop or two in their mouth / tongue until they can take more. The main purpose here is to keep them hydrated one small drop at a time every two hours.

Once the baby is fed, it is necessary to stimulate the bowel movement. To do this, put some warm water in a small bowl and dip a cotton swab in it. Then put the cotton swab between the baby’s back legs and gently twist it. You should see a little brown spot, that’s his poop. Dip the other end of the bud in the water and gently caress the baby’s body, this emulates the mother licking. After all that, put the baby down on his soft bedding and put him in a warm place. This is the basic routine that should be repeated every two hours during the day and at least 2-3 times during the night, especially around 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.

As you can see, taking care of wild mice is a huge commitment. But there is also a great reward in caring for them and the bond you will feel as a caregiver.

When babies start to open their eyes or at least take a peak, they may be drinking a lot more milk and starting to walk around a bit. This is when you should be very careful; one fall is enough to be fatal. You can make a small secure roaming area at the bottom of a pet cage or shoe box / sink. Line it with newspaper and leaves to simulate a natural environment. The little ones will enjoy stretching their legs and taking their first steps. This is important as it will make your muscles stronger and stronger.

Once babies start to bite your fingers quite firmly when you feed them, they may be ready for some solid food. They will also begin to open their eyes (12-14 days old). Get started very slowly with this. Try some baby fruit puree to start or plain rice pudding. Food should not get cold. Let them lick it off your finger. Avoid putting the purees in a dish for the mice to feed on, as they could get dirty and end up with matted fur, which should be avoided. Some other foods to graduate are porridge, banana, tomato, dehydrated oat flakes, strawberry. Just go easy on the food and keep it simple and easy to digest to begin with. Congratulations! In fact, it has reached the weaning stage, which is quite a bit with wild baby mice.

Continue to provide a safe space for the mice to sleep and, once weaned, they can go out at night to feed. Give them a small plate near your bed so they can feed during the night. At least now you can get some sleep! Continue offering milk throughout the day and give them some water. Wild mice will generally still have breast milk until about 4 weeks of age.

Now you have to decide whether to keep them or release them in the wild. I don’t know how many mice have been successfully hand-reared and released into the wild. I think they are unlikely to survive. However, you’ve done your bit and if they seem strong, healthy, and quite active, you may be able to release them. Or you can keep them as pets.

Finally, if you tried your best and the mice died, don’t feel bad. The chances of survival in the best conditions, that is, with his biological mother, remain low. Just enjoy the experience you’ve had with them and the chance to get a glimpse of their little lives. They are little bundles of love and it is wonderful to have given them at least a little love when they might otherwise have perished.

The benefits of fractional ownership in private residential clubs

A new way of owning a vacation home, for a few: Fractional vacation home ownership, also called private residence clubs, is a relatively new concept that allows you to enjoy four to 12 weeks of home ownership privileges per year in an upscale luxury resort, but at a fraction of the cost. total ownership.

If you want to own an impressive second home complete with personalized services and located in an expensive tourist area, but cannot justify the expense because you will only be using it a few weeks or months out of the year, this type of real estate arrangement may appeal to you.

Services galore

Most private residential clubs offer extensive amenities. These can include an extravagant clubhouse and spa, plus five-star hotel services – the kind you might not expect to have in a freehold vacation home, luxury condo, or timeshare.

Imagine this: you go on vacation and call your private residence clubhouse staff ahead of time. Upon request, the staff purchase your groceries, dry-clean your clothes, make your restaurant reservations, heat your private pool, and post trinkets and favorite photos of family members around your residence. You will be met at the airport by a staff member who will drive you home, where a newly detailed Jaguar is sitting in your parking space for use at your disposal.

Get the picture? Private residence clubs are NOT your ordinary second home.

Featured locations

Fractional or residential clubs have sprung up in world-class exclusive tourist destinations around the world. St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands, Puerta Vallarta, and Mexico are popular places.

In the US, the first fractions were in the major western ski areas, particularly in Colorado, where real estate was so expensive that wholly owned second homes were out of the question for most people. They eventually spread to the northeastern ski areas. Since then, fractions have started showing up in golf-oriented communities like Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and popular beach states like Florida.

Some of the more popular fractionals can be found in Jupiter, FL; Aspen Highlands, Bachelor Gulch and Aspen Snowmass, CO; Lake Tahoe, CA; and Whistler, British Columbia. Fractions located in the US generally offer good access to major airports, making transportation arrangements easier.

Management by five-star companies

The key to the success of fractional companies is their professional management. Most are operated by highly respected hotel companies known around the world for their world-class resorts. These include the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Starwood, Intrawest and Millennium, brands known for their five-star services and amenities.

Hassle-free ownership

Part of the appeal of fractional numbers is that they are completely straightforward. In addition to having a personal attention staff at your disposal, in a private residential club you will never have to worry about repairs, maintenance or cleaning. Everything is included in the price and the annual fees and paid by the professional management company.

Appreciation potential

To date, there have been very few fractional resort developments. The demand is high. As a result, there is likely to be a substantial appreciation, rather than the depreciation that often occurs with timeshares.

Real estate experts say the outlook for investment appreciation looks excellent. You can expect at least a parity of appreciation against other real estate in the tourist area in which the fraction is located.


To buy a fraction, you pay a one-time purchase price and then an annual maintenance fee that covers all expenses associated with owning the property and its use and services.

How much do fractionals cost? Prices vary based on the size, amenities, and location of the individual property. But most are in the $ 100,000 to $ 500,000 range. Keep in mind that these are truly top-of-the-line homes that would cost you two to five times more if you bought them outright than fully owned vacation homes.

Comparison of fractionals with timeshares

How do fractions compare to timeshares? They really don’t. Fractionals are much more exclusive and include many more luxurious amenities and services than timeshares. These are typically larger houses, typically three to five bedrooms. Timeshares generally allow you to use only one or two weeks a year. Fractions offer two to 13 weeks, and do not necessarily have to be consecutive weeks. Choose the weeks you want.
When it comes to financing, it is difficult to obtain a bank or mortgage company loan for a timeshare. Rates are high, regardless of how good your credit is. That’s because it’s a well-known fact that most timeshares depreciate over time. By contrast, banks and mortgage companies see fractions as appreciating assets and will often treat them like any other second home purchase.

Why do fractions tend to appreciate while timeshares generally depreciate? There are a couple of reasons. With fractions, more of the buyer’s dollar goes to high-end finishes and “bricks and mortar” vs. Sales commissions that can be as high as 40% -50% with timeshares.
Also, historically timeshare values ​​have been low due to the large number of resales on the market, not to mention a continuous stream of new developments. The fact is, the secondary timeshare market has never really developed.

On the contrary, there are a limited number of fractions on the market. That number is most likely still small because fractions are built only in the best and most desirable locations. Therefore, demand exceeds supply and results in property appreciation.
Comparison of fractional with condominium hotels

Fractionals (private residence clubs) differ from condos in that you have a set amount of time to use your vacation home. Condominium hotels are, in fact, condominiums located within hotels. You can use your unit whenever you want and put it on the rental program when you’re not using it. Fractions do not offer participation in the rental program.

Fractions tend to be larger than most condo units. Most fractions offer three to five bedrooms, while most condo hotel units are studios, one or two bedrooms. Currently, the majority of condo hotels are located in Miami and other surrounding cities in South Florida. Fractions are more prevalent on the west coast, particularly in ski areas. However, both types of real estate are rapidly gaining popularity and there will soon be more supply across the country to meet the growing demand.

VHS to DVD with Windows Movie Maker 7

The standard video editing software found in recent Windows operating systems is known as Windows Movie Maker. With the help of this program, you can upload videos to your computer, edit them with transitions and titles, even narrations, and make your own movie to convert to DVD.

The Windows ME operating system was the first to bring this program, and Vista and XP carried it as well. After Vista, Windows Movie Maker was removed instead of Windows Live Movie Maker, a different but newer program. However, you may not be able to find many of the desired features in Windows Live Movie Maker that were found in its predecessor. Windows Live Movie Maker seems to have been created for the sole purpose of making quick videos for uploading to YouTube and the like; however, Classic Movie Maker features many more editing and transition tools than is desired.

However, if you have Windows 7, there is hope, as Microsoft’s website will allow you to download Windows Movie Maker for free for your own use.

Using Windows 7 to convert VHS to DVD

You need to get some tools and programs for Windows 7 to have the ability to convert VHS to DVD, which are listed below. You need:

A. Windows Movie Maker. Since you won’t get this automatically from Windows 7 like you would from other operating systems, you need to download it from Microsoft. Although the Live version is newer, it is much simpler and lacks many features that you may want to use.

B. Video capture device. To get the analog data from your VHS tape to be converted to your hard drive, you need it. You can find a host of capture devices that Windows 7 will recognize, making installation and setup a snap, so there are no worries on that front.

C. Software to burn and create DVD. In case you want to use a DVD player to play your DVDs, you need DVD authoring software to convert it to video DVD.

Step 1: connect the capture device

First, you need to connect the capture device to your computer. You shouldn’t have much trouble with this, as with the right driver and hardware, Windows should recognize the capture device. All you have to do is plug it in, update the drivers, and you’re done.

Since Windows 7 recognizes a large number of devices, we will not go over every possible device procedure out there. However, since this Windows operating system is designed to make installation extremely easy, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Step 2: put Windows Movie Maker on your computer

You have to download and install Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7, as it is not automatically included with the operating system, unlike most older versions of Windows. Once you have installed it, all of its myriad functions will be provided to you.

Step 3: start recording

Connect the VHS to your capture device and get ready to transfer the video to your Windows Movie Maker program. The main feature of Movie Maker, which is called Record Dialog, is the means by which it will convert the video to your computer.

You will appreciate many of the features found in Record Dialog. Before recording, you will have the option of telling Movie Maker that you want to record sound and video, or one of them separately. Naturally, video and audio capture will be your ideal choice if you want easy VHS to DVD editing, but if you want to play with it, you can choose one or the other for various situations.

After this, selecting the capture device is your next step. If you have multiple capture devices on your computer, you need to select the one you want. The Switch Device button is there for this express purpose. Click on it and choose the capture device shown from the drop-down menu you will find there.

The “Recording time limit” function can also be useful. Use this option when you want to stop recording at a specific time interval, and Windows Movie Maker will stop recording once it reaches that mark, saving the file for later. You can use this option to avoid suffering the unenviable task of being a slave to your computer while the capture process is complete, in case you only want a particular clip from your VHS tape. In case you don’t set a record time, you need to stop capturing manually.

After this, video capture quality should be next on your list. Note that there is a correlation between file size and video and audio quality; Don’t worry though, because Windows Movie Maker will only record if it knows you have enough disk space. In the event that your quality setting is too high for your remaining disk space, it will give you the highest quality it can provide while still using the disk space you have. It is also possible to choose another hard drive to save it, if you want to take that option.

The High and Medium quality settings are the options you want to pay attention to. While you still get 320×240-pixel resolution with either setting, the medium setting will only capture at 15fps, while you get 30fps with the high-quality option, ensuring better capture. Your video will be much smoother on the High setting than on the Medium setting.

You will also get better audio quality if you choose the High setting. If you set it to High, the audio will be recorded at a higher bit rate, making it clearer.

Additional tips

Your computer will use all the resources you have while converting. Pressing the Disable Preview button will free up more space and processing power. Choosing this option will remove the preview window as it records and captures the video for you. With this, you will not allocate resources to watch the video while it is being recorded, giving you better video quality in the end.

Do you want to know why there are times when it is better to choose Medium quality? Basically it leads to a smaller, more manageable video file. When you choose the High quality setting, the video file will be twice as large, and if you have a lot of movement in these videos, that’s an ideal setting. You have to make sure you know what you want in terms of what’s in the scenes and how big you want the file to be. You can easily record fairly static motion video on Medium without a huge loss of quality, but if you have a lot of motion in the video, there will be motion blur. A car race, for example, will have a lot of movement, and as you move the camera, the movement exacerbates, so an average capture of this will look like a slideshow.

Video quality is another important consideration. If you are converting a VHS tape, you may notice some degradation in the image as the years go by, making it difficult to see what is happening. Using Medium to capture it could improve the image in the long run as it softens the image.

Step 4: Burn

Once everything is set up and ready to go, just hit the Burn button and Windows Movie Maker will do the rest for you, capturing the video as directed. time limit settings and file names will be assigned to the video, so you won’t be prompted to do anything else until the file is captured.

Once you have your captured file, you can play with it in Windows Movie Maker, using all the features that Windows Live Movie Maker lacks in its program. Compared to the default Windows 7 video editing program, you will have a much better experience with Windows Movie Maker.

Step 5: DVD Burning

You can’t just copy and paste the video file to DVD and expect it to play on a DVD player. Licensing problems prevent Windows from providing you with a DVD authoring program to use. You may need to purchase a separate DVD authoring package to convert your video file to DVD, which will allow you to read the DVD on your DVD player just like a regular disc, allowing you to watch the movie on your TV.

You can find a host of DVD authoring packages that allow you to create a professional-level DVD package for your video, complete with chapters, menus, and transitions; there are so many different options, you’ll have to wait until another article to go over what you could do.


Compared to Windows Live Movie Maker, you can have a lot more luck editing your videos with Windows Movie Maker. There is no reason to ignore the program, as Windows 7 is fully supported and available for free from Microsoft’s website. After setting it up, you can use Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 to transfer a VHS tape to your computer and create a DVD from the footage.

When will college football have a tiebreaker?

The only question now that most soccer fans have in mind is: will there actually be a tiebreaker? Some of them may consider it a dream, especially the BCS opponents. Currently, the BCS has a television contract until 2013. And the BCS does not feel pressure to change before or after that date.

Today, large schools have no incentive to share the wealth they generate from large bowls. Conferences like the SEC treat their season as a tiebreaker as the national champion has come out of that conference for the past three years, and five times in the BCS’s eleven-year history. But most of the theoretical playoff formats include the champion from each BCS conference. So why would minor conferences like the Big East, Big Ten, and Pac 10 participate in a tiebreaker?

Although it seems that a tiebreaker would create more wealth to distribute among all, the presidents of the universities have very different ideas about how to distribute the money. Admittedly, a tiebreaker would likely produce more than the $ 17.5 million payment to the SEC and Big 12 on behalf of Florida and Oklahoma for the 2009 National Championship game. However, even if the pie would grow, there would be many more teams trying to grab a piece. A playoff would allow four, eight, or, according to some plans, sixteen teams to play for the national championship. That would create a lot more teams looking for a cut.

Teams like Utah, Boise State and other schools that have had undefeated records in recent years believe they should have had a chance to play for the national championship. Utah’s attorney general went so far to file an antitrust lawsuit against the BCS for refusing to allow the Utes a chance to play for the championship.

On the other hand, these great state schools in the SEC, Big 12, plus some others like USC and Ohio State, invest so much money in their sports and have created programs; They don’t think they should get hit by a new “BCS Buster” every year. Utah head coach Kyle Wittingham is the 80th highest paid coach in college football. That’s lower than all SEC schools, including lowly Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Teams like Florida and LSU pay their coaches the most and are also, perhaps coincidentally, at the top of the rankings every year. Its presidents believe that their commitment to producing a world-class soccer team should be rewarded.

It seems certain that the BCS will have to fulfill its television contract until 2013. After that, however, college presidents and the NCAA may no longer be held accountable for the future of their sport. Since President Obama announced that he was in favor of a tiebreaker, the issue has gained some traction in Congress. According to ESPN, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is expected to file his antitrust suit in June 2009. If the BCS is found guilty of antitrust violations, it would be forced to create a new “open and inclusive system” – a tiebreaker.

Top 10 Romantic Getaways Under $ 5,000

Looking to just get away from it all? And don’t have a full checking account to splurge? Well don’t worry my friends, we can’t all be millionaires, unfortunately. But when it comes time to share that special vacation with someone you love, many of us are left blank when it comes time to book and plan that special trip. However, this does not mean that there are not many great places that you and your lover can escape to. To help you make a better decision, here are the top ten romantic getaways under $ 5000!

1. Maui, Hawaii – Enjoy relaxing on Maui’s romantic beaches while staying at the Kihei Bay Vista Resort, a full-featured resort with abundant amenities that offers high-quality linens and a host of great room service meals . Online packages, which include airfare and four days / four nights, start at about $ 765 per person, that’s about $ 1500 and all you pay for is food and a rental car once on the island.

2. Cancun, Mexico – One of the most pristine, cleanest, and most beautiful barrier reef islands invites you and your lover to stay in a strip-shaped resort, a beachside atmosphere full of nighttime activities and lots of history. . Online packages will cost around $ 850 per person, which includes airfare and hotel accommodations for four nights.

3. Miami, Florida: Take your partner to one of the most popular and romantic places in the world and enjoy a day at Disney World without the kids. Miles from hundreds of islands, Miami is a destination city. Online packages will cost around $ 600 per person, including the flight and a nice hotel room.

4. Aspen, Colorado: For a different, snowy romantic retreat, head to the Rocky Mountains and go on a romantic ski trip. Accommodation at an exclusive mountainside resort, including elevator passes, will only eat up your wallet of roughly $ 600 per person for a four-day trip, including flight.

5. Newport Beach, California – Perhaps one of the cheapest ways to get away from it all – You can easily find dozens of great beachside resort vacation packages, including airfare and registration for four nights, for around $ 500 per person online.

6. Acapulco, Mexico – A cheaper destination perhaps than Paris or Venice, you can easily find many great deals online for all-inclusive travel to destination resorts. Packages range from $ 600 to $ 800 per person, including airfare for a four-night esplanade on the Mexican Riviera.

7. San Diego – One of the world’s most popular romantic vacation destinations awaits. You won’t find better deals anywhere else online than here. Five-day packages, which include your flight, a rental car, and a nice hotel room, start at around $ 600 per person.

8. San Francisco: The city by the bay is only a few hundred dollars, where culture, beautiful beaches and five-star restaurants invite you to come say hi. Enjoy a romantic trip for two here for around $ 600- $ 800, which includes your plane ride and your hotel room for five nights.

9. Paris, France – Perhaps one of the most romantic destinations in the world, a rich and vibrant culture, the society will appeal to almost everyone. Of course, such an exotic destination never comes without an exotic price tag attached. Online packages, which include airfare and hotel stay, for seven days and seven nights, start at approximately $ 1,850 per person.

10. Venice, Italy: There is nothing more romantic than taking a walk through one of the oldest cities in the known world. Of course, strolling the many water-filled canals and being serenaded also add up to many reasons, including art galleries, why you should head to Venice. However, it will cost you to enjoy Italy, to the tune of around $ 1900 per person, including airfare and hotel for a week.

Movie review – "The Challenger" – Fight for who you are

“The Challenger” opens with Jaden Miller (Kent Moran, “Listen to Your Heat”) doing his morning run through the gritty streets of the Bronx. He then moves on to his job as an auto mechanic, where a client disparages his abilities as a mechanic. That night, dejected, he comes home to find an eviction notice on the door and spends that night sleeping in one of the cars in the garage where he works. Things are not working out for young 24-year-old Jaden. Until the rent is paid, her mother Jada (S. Epatha Merkerson, “Law & Order”) stays with Aunt Regina (Natalie Carter) and endures her constant interruptions. This is a hilarious scene, much to the delight of the audience.

While his overalls are being cleaned, Jaden meets Duane (Michael Clarke Duncan – “The Green Mile”) and discovers that he was once a legendary boxing coach. Later, Duane confesses that one of his fighters threw a match and Duane later had to back off by opening a laundry and a small boxing gym. Jaden learns that one of his co-workers in the garage makes money from side boxing in club fights and follows this route to get him and his mother back to their apartment. He approaches Duane to train him. Initially, Duane refuses, but knowing Jaden’s last name, he agrees to work with him.

What’s most intriguing about the training regiment is the focus on specific boxing techniques, things like foot placement, hip rotation, and how a punch is unrolled for maximum power. While fascinating, this focus on preparing for a fight takes the audience away from the inner struggles and conflicts that Jaden faces. Namely, his search for a way to support his mother, his search for a way to regain her respect after being expelled from a private school for fighting. There is also the fear of failure and not being good enough. Although these are presented in dialogue, the emotional consequences remain pending and are not fully developed. Jaden’s stoic expressions don’t give us those vulnerable moments that build a deep emotional attachment to his dilemma. We care about the result, but not so much about the person.

The fight scenes are spectacular and if the Mayweather-Pacquiao match had been that good, people would be demanding a rematch. The championship match, in particular, was brilliantly crafted and choreographed. There’s suspense, compelling character arcs, and riveting reversals that take you to the brink of your seat excitement. The initial rounds were nearly complete and subsequent rounds were compressed into damaging hitting highlights. This segment of the film was shot in four hours, the time allotted by the arena officials. Therefore, the displayed exhaustion and fatigue are likely to be real.

There are some surprising twists to this story, which make it poignant and engaging. These are very well set up and foreshadowed without being too obvious. The acting is top notch across the board, including the supporting players. Michael Clarke Duncan’s performance in particular was rock solid and gave energy and direction to this crucial role. He had a backstory to tell and delivered it with great sensitivity and empathy. This was Michael’s last role, as he died at the age of 54 without ever seeing his final play.

The relationship between the mother and her required a delicate balance of protective love for a purpose. S. Epatha Merkerson and Kent Moran do this wonderfully, each expressing their opposing views. What’s more, Kent Moran is to be commended for taking on such a physically demanding role while serving as a director and lead actor. Kent trained for six months at Manny Pacquiao’s gym in Venice, California, preparing for his role.

Another actor who made this movie worthy is Justin Hartley, Jaden’s opponent in the championship fight. His overconfidence and inflated ego set the challenge very well in dramatic terms and polarize our loyalties. The fact that he fights dirty adds to the dangers Jaden faces.

Production values ​​portray the Bronx location as a fearless underdog and it is Jaden’s dedication that gives downtrodden residents hope. Giacomo Belletti’s camera work keeps us in the mix, skillfully moving us to provide questions and answers to what will happen next. Composer Pinar Toprak’s score provides an orderly dramatic energy that takes us through this emotional journey. The edition of Anthony Muzzatti and Kent Moran articulates the struggles very well, the way out of poverty to support his mother.

This film goes further and shows that if we fight for who we are, we can become winners. Film reviewed at the Hollywood Dances with Film Festival.

CREDITS: “The Challenger” stars Kent Moran, Michael Clarke Duncan, S. Epatha Merkerson, Justin Hartly, Frank Watson, Stan Carp, and Ernie Sabella. Production design by Kay Lee and Rebecca Slick; Art direction by Amy E. Bishop; Costume design by William Eng; Guy Guido makeup; Casting of Tiandra Gayle; Music by Pinar Toprak; Edited by Kent Moran and Anthony Muzzatti; Cinematography by Giacomo Belletti; The Director of the Second Unit, John-Michael Damato; Executive Producer Michael Clarke Duncan; Produced by Ellyette Eleni, Adam Hawkey and Kent Moran; Written and directed by Kent Moran; Production Company – Wishing Well Pictures, Inc .; HD, unrated, 95 minutes.

What is Hulu?

Have you watched TV online? Chances are, you’ve been to one of the most popular video streaming sites – Hulu.com. You will find a variety of past television episodes to watch.

However, it is sad that people outside the United States cannot access Hulu movies online. However, for those in the US, getting access to Hulu movies is free and a great way to pass the time.

If you are one of those people who always miss your favorite shows on the subway, then going to Hulu is a must. The website is a joint venture of ABC, Inc, Fox Entertainment Group, and NBC Universal. It is funded by Providence Equity Partners. Its name is based on the Mandarin term “Hulu” which means “the guardian of precious things”. This is a relatively good term for a website that contains great TV videos and movies.

Whether you’re looking for Hulu Glee or maybe Hulu 30 Rock, this site is the place to be. If you want to watch some movies on the weekend, you no longer need to rent a movie because you can use your Hulu desktop at your leisure.

The Hulu company that powers Hulu TV went live in August 2007, but still had to undergo a series of tests. It went public in the United States on March 12, 2008.

It was first announced on NBC’s Super Bowl XLIII broadcast. The ad starred Alec Baldwin as an alien whose main goal in life is to destroy the world as we know it. Other announcements were launched that year to introduce the American public to the existence of free Hulu movies.

By April 30, 2009, Disney joined the company and by 2010 Hulu began to make a lot of money. The Hulu site is ranked by Alexa.com as the 35th most popular site in the United States and is ranked 201st in the world.

Today, the website is one of the most popular video streaming sites in the US as it not only streams shows from ABC, FOX, and NBC, but also has samples from other channels. This includes Bravo, Current TV, PBS, Fuel TV, USA Network, NFL Network, FX, Speed, Style, Syfy, E !, Sundance, Big Ten, Versus, G4, Oxygen, and many more.

In addition to watching Hulu TV on your desktop or laptop, you also have the option to watch Hulu on TV. If you have PlayOn software and have consoles that work with that software, you will be able to watch Hulu directly on your TV.

Those who are addicted to watching their favorite shows on Hulu found this new offering quite surprising because it is like enjoying TV the traditional way and there is no need to wear headphones or use the largest monitor in the house to watch your favorite shows.

Best strategies to save on flights and hotels

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to save money when running a business. Among all the areas, business travel is a key area where you can find savings on flights and hotels. By following the best booking strategies and using affordable options, travelers can reduce the cost of their business trip.

Here are some ways to save on hotels and flights:

Savings in hotels

Book hotels and flights together

Online travel booking sites offer discounted prices for buying a flight and hotel together. Combo packages are used primarily by vacationers, but they also offer great value to business travelers with flexible preferences.

Browse online, book by phone

For the best deals, browse through various online booking channels and discover your preferred option. Contact the hotel and ask them to lower the rate even further. This works as many hotels will go down to avoid paying third party booking fees.

Advance fees

If you are confident in your travel plans, non-refundable hotel reservations offer the best price. Paying in advance can save up to 20% on reservations made directly with hotels.

Take advantage of refundable reservations

Alternatively, you can make a refundable reservation by searching for the best prices online. Hotels generally don’t have cancellation fees like airlines.

Use corporate discounts

Businesses often negotiate with preferred hotel providers and get discounts of up to 40%. Therefore, using corporate booking tools can offer you the lowest possible rate when booking.

Last minute trips

If you are booking last minute, you may find deals on unused rooms. Talk to your preferred hotels to find out about possible cancellations. Also, looking for last minute booking sites like Hotel Tonight can help you get other options.

Say no to cookies

Travel sites maintain cookies to identify customers with a strong purchase intention. Clearing your browser history can offer you more favorable prices.

Flight saving strategies

Traveling outside peak hours

Flights are cheapest between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. and after 8 p.m. Businesses can save an average of $ 116 per flight when traveling during peak hours.

Fly on specific days

Recent study reports revealed that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the low-cost days to fly. Flying these days can save you money.

Take connecting flights

Direct flights are convenient, but layover flights will cost less. Taking connecting flights is one of the strategies that can help you save money.

Depart from less expensive airports

When searching for flights, check the “include nearby airports” box. You can choose alternative airports that cost you less than others and not necessarily further away.

Make advance reservations

Tickets booked less than seven days before departure will cost you 44% more on average than if they had been booked 15 or more days in advance.

Book at the right time

Airfares fluctuate during the week. Studies revealed that the best time to book air travel is Tuesday at 3 p.m. ET, the time when airlines will publish their inventory of discounted seats.

Take advantage of refund rules

Reservations made at least 7 days in advance can be canceled within 24 hours. This creates a grace period in which you can cancel your reservations if your travel plans are not final.

These strategies can help you save money when booking flights and hotels.