10 cheap wall clocks that will brighten your day

There is definitely an art in finding a good cheap wall clock. With as much character as a clock adds to a room, don’t settle for simple when with a little effort you can have perfection. Below are ten ideas to keep you long that won’t break the bank.

1. Howard Miller Talon 15.25 “Medium Brown 625714 This watch is perfect for a study or room with lots of wood accents. It clearly displays the numbers on its dial and is classy in a no-nonsense way. Not the most exciting watch, but in at least it’s stylish and for four bucks it definitely won’t break the bank.

2. Quartz Movement Baseball 40-77028 They like sports or have children who love sports. This cute baseball watch is perfect for baseball fans of all ages. Show a baseball diamond on your face and each hour they show up as little baseballs. Pretty, to the point and just four dollars, this watch will delight any sports fan.

3. Geneva-Advance 4663G Watches 16 Inch Rustic Red This fantastic six dollar watch looks like an alien architecture. It comes in deep red and resembles a pinch wheel for some kind of valve. This cheap wall clock is unusual, cute, and very three-dimensional.

4. Advance Quartz Decorative Wall Clock, 10 “Lghthouse – This clock is ideal for those who love the sea. The pretty face of this lighthouse clock represents a classic lighthouse with a map background. Its nautical style is a bargain for only eight dollars.

5. Geneva Clock Co 8125 Cafe Plastic This clock will be a delight for coffee lovers. It displays a cup of hot coffee on a rich dark brown background. Six dollars is the magic number on this modern watch.

6. Howard Miller Stanton Watch, 11-3 / 4-Inch, Brushed Nickel (MIL6) This elegant watch has a brushed metal edge and a black dial with slim hands to mark the time. Each hour is marked with attractive lines. Overall, this watch has a very classic and simple design with a bit of flair. A great find for only eight dollars.

7. Chaney 45907 Petals This is an amazing watch for little girls. This happy pink flower will go perfectly in your little one’s room. It is well worth paying eight dollars to see her smile.

8. KNG 001732 Disney Hannah Montana LED Musical Clock It would be irresponsible to mention great clocks for a girls room without mentioning this Hanna Montana wall clock. This Disney watch will delight most girls for just $ 10.

9. Infinity Instruments 12977AL-2651BK Mercury Another stylish wall clock. This watch will go well in any stainless steel office or kitchen. The watch has two silver rings on a black background; a bargain at thirteen dollars.

10. Sky Scan 86709 Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Temperature Head to the future with these affordable wall clocks. It will tell you the time, the day and the temperature. Grab it now for only fifteen bucks.