Did Eve have sex with the devil or did she just eat some fruit? – Part 3 – The Mark of Cain

Continuing directly from the second part, what was behind Cain’s murderous act, what was his motive? Most people believe it was just the evil act of a jealous brother whose offering to the Lord was not acceptable, but what made it unacceptable? Was it just because it wasn’t an animal that made it unacceptable or was there something else, and was Cain’s unsatisfying offering a symbol of a deeper malaise within Cain, because we must not forget who his physical father was?

Well, we also know that there was an argument between the two half siblings, but what was the argument about?

Gen 4: 8 (KJV) And Cain spoke with Abel his brother; and it came to pass that when they were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel and killed him.

The word ‘spoken’ here is a nonsensical understatement of the KJV by the translators – disguising at its best and not kidding. Cain and Abel were arguing fiercely, but about what? Well, we have a good idea, because it was the object of sacrifices or religious observances, that is, those that were acceptable to the Lord and those that were not. So what was unacceptable about Cain’s offer? It simply contained no blood, and it was one made partially with his hands. He had to plant the crops he offered, unlike Abel’s, which were made entirely without his hands and by God. Yashua Anointed is the Stone or Rock (note, all Roman Catholics) carved without hands. Cain’s offering was a tarnished offering, an insulting offering, and Abel’s was spotless and perfect, a lamb of the firstfruits of his flock, a type of the Passover Lamb with its shed blood that soaked the earth.

There was also something more to this rebellion of Cain, because it was not only spiritual. The spiritual dimension of all this was only half, because keep in mind that the rebellious physical descendants of Cain are still with us today, as is their name. But how can a spirit, six thousand years old, influence us today, I hear you say? Again, simply because it was the spirit of the Devil alive in Cain and a spirit would be carried through the Flood through Ham and his sinful antics.

At this time, a descendant of Cain recently ran for the Republican Party in the US elections: Senator McCain. Mac means ‘son of’ so there we have him, a son of Cain, hoping to be named president of the US Then we have Dick Cheney. If we harden the ‘ch’ as ​​in the Chaldean / Hebrew language, what we actually have is Dick Cainey. Another descendant of Cain as vice president of the United States; How does that make you feel friends? Dan Quayle is also another Cainite name. They seem to like power, these descendants of Cain, don’t they?

Having rambled, but keeping the previous topic, I will return to the historical account. Cain wanted to rule the roost in both areas of influence and stamp his authority on everything. All politics and religion – THE SYSTEM, THE MATRIX or THIS AGE or what the Holy Scriptures call THIS WORLD – the Old New World Order started here with Cain, and there was no way that he would allow his upstart half-brother son of man have some authority over him. Cain, don’t forget, was a demonic hybrid – a being half celestial serpent and half manly man – a ‘human’ being, so he undoubtedly considered himself far superior to his earthly half-brother, fully man. It’s more, ‘hu’ from Hebrew / Gaelic means ‘snake’ so a ‘human’ it’s a ‘snake Man’ and NOT a man. Humanity and humanity are two very different species.

Furthermore, this spirit was the spirit of Satan, imparted to Cain by his father, the Devil. Satan the Devil knew that God’s plan would eventually mean that men would be resurrected to the state of Spirit, a state that would give resurrected spirit men authority over him and his followers in the future. The Holy Scriptures corroborate this when Paul said to the Corinthians:

1 Cor 6: 3 (KJV) Do you not know that we will judge angels? How many more things that belong to this life?

Satan, therefore, was going to do everything in his power to prevent humanity from reaching its ultimate prize: eternal life with authority over the angels, for us as resurrected spirit beings in the Kingdom of God. His evil plan to thwart the progress of mankind, therefore, began with the murder of Abel through his son Cain and with this evil act came the infamous Mark of Cain:

Genesis 4:15 (KJV) And the LORD said to him, Therefore whoever kills Cain will be punished seven times. And the LORD put a mark on Cain, ballast and anyone who found him will kill him.

The question that now needs an answer is WHY ?! Why did the Lord forgive Cain, because without a doubt it was a disappointment, even if only a temporary disappointment? Under the Law (because the Law in Spirit was in effect before Moses) of the Old Covenant, he should have been killed immediately and in the same way that he had killed his brother – eye for an eye, etc. So why did Yashua anoint him to let him escape? For the simple reason that everything is for the Glory of God and His Glory is ultimately being served through His plan for humanity, which Satan was never going to stop, try your best. To understand God’s ways, we must understand this fundamental of fundamentals. All the events in the Old Testament narrative had to happen, to bring us and necessitate the birth of Yashua Anointed in this world and then His sacrifice and His resurrection. This ‘Mark’ that Cain received is the same as the Mark of the Beast in Revelation, and I will deal with this in more detail later.

We must also remember, too, that our ways are not God’s ways; our logic and reasoning are not the logic and reasoning of God. Our ideas of logic and reasoning are based solely on our cocky “we think we know what is best”, vanity and pride, unless of course we are born of God (we are born again) and have a close brotherly relationship with Yashua Anointed , who then teaches. us his ways and his logic.

The ways of Cain are not the ways of Yashua Anointed, because Yashua Anointed is the Way. Cain’s ways involve the philosophy and intellect that man has emulated until his fall. This means that man’s pride and vanity, by relying on his own logic and reasoning, has created nothing but blasphemous error when it comes to biblical and spiritual matters. In turn, this mindset, a mindset of philosophical intellectual reasoning, has separated man from his Creator. A good example of this phenomenon was a Canaanite Jew named Philo who operated in Alexandria in Egypt in the 1st century AD, from which we get the word “philosophy.” He groomed and ‘educated’ the counterfeiters ‘church fathers’, who then infiltrated the first century church to corrupt it and then left to start their religion. This Philo being a Canaanite Jew made him a descendant of Cain.

Going back to the story line, we have God punishing Cain for Abel’s murder, but with a punishment Cain cannot bear. How is a punishment that you cannot bear? He cannot bear it because man’s environment was going to be cursed by God a second time. Man lost the beautiful environment of the Garden of Eden through the sin of Adam and Eve and was on the verge of losing the fertility of the earth as a whole. The Lord was going to curse the earth completely so that it would no longer produce any harvest and all men would know that Cain was the culprit of it and therefore they would seek him out to kill him:

Gen 4:12 (KJV) When you till the land, it will not give you its strength again; Fugitive and vagabond you will be on earth.

There we have it, Cain as a fugitive fleeing from his half-brother humanity for the rest of his days and, furthermore, as a poverty-stricken wanderer. As expected, this was more than he could bear. Then Cain pleads for mercy and the Lord hears him:

Gen 4: 13-15 (KJV) And Cain said to Jehovah: My punishment it is bigger than I can bear. 14 Behold, today you have driven me off the face of the earth; and from your face I will hide; and I’ll be a fugitive and a wanderer on earth; and it will happen, that Anyone who finds me will kill me. 15 And the LORD said to him, Therefore whoever kills Cain shall be punished seven times. And the LORD put a mark on Cain, ballast and anyone who found him will kill him.

Once again, there we have it and with Cain admitting that his face will be hidden from the Lord and that his life is not worth a penny. So the Lord puts a Mark on Cain protecting him from his half brother, ballest humanity that anyone should try to kill him.

Now this is all very interesting, I hear you say, but if we have modern descendants of Cain still with us today, do they still carry the same mark? Yes, of course. How do we know? Easy, they get away with it and never stop. Here in Britain our ex-Prime Minister was nicknamed “Teflon Tony” because nothing seemed to stick to him. Crisis and crimes followed crisis and crimes, including illegal wars and genocide in the Middle East, and it seemed untouchable, which, of course, it was and still is. He and Bush are both highly suspect in many of their affairs and dealings, but has anyone here in the West ever accused them of a single crime? No, by no means, it is not an opportunity. Why? Why, by the mark of Cain. Mr. Blair was also nicknamed B. Liar, which is a play on the name of Belial, one of Satan’s princes, whose sons are more commonly known as “lying scoundrels.” Isn’t that a summary of all politicians? I believe that.

Finally, we have the genealogy of Cain from Enoch:

Gen 4: 18-22 (KJV) And to Enoch Irad was born; and Irad begat Mehujael; Mehujael begot Metusael; and Metusael begot Lamech. 19 And Lamech took for himself two wives: the name of one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah. 20 And Ada gave birth to Jabal; he was the father of the tent dwellers, and of those who have cows. 21 And his brother’s name was Jubal: He was the father of all those who handle the harp and the organ. 22 And Zilla also gave birth to Tubal-Cain, master of all craftsmen of bronze and iron; and to the sister of Tubal-Cain. was Naamah.

Now this Naamah is reputed to have been Noah’s wife, but the Holy Scriptures again turn cold on this subject, because Mrs. Noah is never referred to by name. However, she is mentioned in The Book of Jasher as Noah’s wife. There is also other evidence, too, with the name Cain being mentioned after the Flood through the name of a tribe of people known as the Quenites. In the Hebrew language, his name is derived from Cain. In Hebrew, it is pronounced ‘qey-niy’ gold ‘kay-Born’ and Cain pronounces ‘qayin’ gold ‘kay-yin ‘ so we can see that there is a definite connection.

Then we have the name of Canaan which is pronounced ‘ken-na’an’ gold ‘Ken-ah-an’. So, as we can clearly see, all of these people are related and originate from Cain. This means that Cain’s race did not go extinct with the Flood, it continued, but how? Everything will be revealed in my next article. I will also deal with the issue of giants: the ‘nephalim’, who was living on earth at the time, so stay with him, friends.

The essence of nutritional health

It is a fact that the fundamentals of healthy eating are well documented in academic textbooks, scientific journals, and government literature. However, this basic knowledge has not been conveyed to the general public in a comprehensive and assimilable format that enables people to make well-informed decisions to change their eating habits and lifestyle. Despite the large volume of information available, there is a large gap in the knowledge of those who need to know.

Advice on diet and health is often incomplete or biased, so people are somewhat confused or unsure how to put the concept of healthy eating into practice. Understanding such a message is only one side of the story; putting it into practice on a day-to-day basis is another matter. It has become obvious to me over the years that people, while familiar with general healthy eating messages like “eat less fat and more fiber,” lack a clear understanding of the makeup of a healthy diet. One of the many reasons these healthy eating messages remain simple messages is because everyone preaches them everywhere. For example, filling a shopping cart with fat-free or low-fat products does not guarantee the absence of ill health and chronic degenerative diseases, unless the diet as a whole is balanced.

While people are busy achieving life goals and developing their careers, the insidious process of narrowing and hardening of the arteries may be occurring. This is particularly likely in those who are inactive and / or have little concern about what they eat. Nutrition-related diseases, today called noncommunicable diseases, are quite different from infectious diseases; They take a long time to become known, and when they are diagnosed, it may be too late to reverse the damage. Surprisingly, most obesity-related diseases, including coronary heart disease and diabetes, are often only recognized when a non-fatal heart attack or angina is experienced, or when people are in the hospital for other reasons. , including annual check-ups. An interesting point is that most of these health problems could have been avoided if some time had been invested in assessing and maintaining nutritional health, prior to their implementation. Everyone should look for ways to assess nutritional status, such as cholesterol and blood sugar tests.

Today, there is much interest in the relationship between food and health and more and more efforts are being made to improve the health of the nation. There is a particular concern about fat, sugar, salt, dietary fiber, and calcium, but the science of nutrition is much broader than that. The main objective of this article is to inform and shed some light on the main components of food and how a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet can be achieved. This is not only for the purpose of losing weight, but also to achieve and maintain good health. This article is intended for those who are ‘health conscious’ and therefore interested in appreciating the role of nutrition in overall health. It goes beyond the short and often incomplete message of ‘eat less fat’ and a ‘high fiber diet’, to discover the practicality of starting over and eating for health.

Only during the last two centuries, with the emergence of the science of nutrition, has it been possible to accurately quantify the content of the optimal diet for the maintenance of health. Food provides energy and nutrition for both survival and enjoyment. Too little food can lead to illness, but too much can also lead to health problems. Therefore, it is important to strike a proper balance between the amount and type of food we consume.

The last few decades have also seen remarkable changes in eating habits and eating patterns. Today, there is a huge variety of affordable foods available throughout the year. But the fact that good quality food is easier to obtain does not always guarantee a healthier choice. In fact, the bewildering variety of foods available can make it difficult for some people to choose the components of what is considered a healthy and balanced diet. As a consequence, the incidence of the so-called diseases of the rich has increased dramatically, particularly in Western society, although developing countries are now following the same trend. Many common health problems such as obesity, heart disease, type II diabetes, arthritis, and various forms of cancer (endometrial, breast, and colon) are related to diet, either directly or indirectly.

The fast-moving world around us seems to have run out of time for food preparation, and setting specific meal times is rare. Despite the flood of information on diet and health, people are getting fatter and less fit. This trend could be due to the availability of a wide range of ready meals, both from supermarkets and take-out establishments. In addition, this type of food is usually promoted through strong advertising in all types of media. The modern kitchen is well equipped with all kinds of devices (food processors, microwaves, etc.) and these devices make food preparation easy, quick, simple and certainly more enjoyable compared to a few decades ago. However, cooking is increasingly becoming one of our last priorities, and the younger generation seems to have forgotten how to cook.

I believe that understanding the basic principles of nutrition and the impact of food and its nutrients on health will provide people with the knowledge and skills necessary to choose, prepare and consume a better diet, paving the way to a healthier life and better quality. of life. What is also important is the willingness of people to adopt changes in their eating habits and lifestyle in order to take advantage of the health benefits of diet.

The ways in which the adequacy of any diet can be evaluated are part of the science of Nutrition. Therefore, knowledge of its principles is important, especially for those who plan and provide meals. Before continuing, it is necessary to define the sources of energy in the diet.

Senior Law Attorneys: Top Five Ways They Can Help

Senior law attorneys address legal issues that arise as a result of the aging process. The law of the elderly is a fairly large umbrella and covers the areas that are most practical for the problems faced by older people. Here are the top five ways these attorneys can help seniors:

– 1. Financial abuse of the elderly. These are cases where financial predators use undue influence, manipulation, and coercion to take property and money from the elderly who have diminished mental capacity. Perpetrators can by anyone, but are generally family members, caregivers, or friends who have more access to the elderly and are less likely to be challenged by outsiders.

– 2. Abuse in nursing homes. The abuse or neglect of a nursing home patient generally results from inadequate staffing where there are too many patients and not enough nursing assistants. Sometimes this is a conscientious policy on the part of the nursing home owner that puts corporate profits before patient care. Fortunately, there are many legal remedies available to stop these wrongdoing and compensate the older victim for the injuries sustained.

– 3. Custodies. When an elder can no longer make sound health care and financial decisions, and there are no other alternatives available, the court may be asked to establish a guardianship and appoint someone who has the legal authority to make such decisions. This is a complicated process, but it provides a solution to help an elderly person who can no longer protect himself.

– 4. Estate planning. “Living trusts,” powers of attorney for health care and financial decisions, and wills are the main documents that make up a person’s estate plan. These written instructions help the elderly client both during and after life. A proper succession plan can also avoid the need to establish a guardianship if the elder is unable to make wise decisions. These documents grant all the necessary legal authority to carry out the elder’s affairs, without having to seek the participation of a court.

– 5. Medi-Cal Planning. This term applies to California residents and involves the process of getting Medi-Cal benefits to pay for the skyrocketing costs of long-term care in a skilled nursing facility. Planning involves three stages: (1) Complete analysis of the client’s financial status to develop a written strategy to obtain eligibility, reduce any part of the cost, and avoid recovery claims; (2) Execution of the written strategy; and (3) Completion of the application process. Medi-Cal law is complicated and requires an attorney experienced in the nuances of the various rules and regulations.

There are many other subfields that fall under the umbrella of elder law. Each has its own peculiar application and importance as a piece of the elder’s law puzzle. This short article has addressed just the top five ways that senior law attorneys can help their clients.

Are aliens our spirit guides?

We often wonder where aliens come from, who they are and what is our relationship with them.

How do they travel those vast distances and how do they appear out of nowhere and then disappear so quickly when pursued by military aircraft? They seem to travel thousands of kilometers per hour, and even then, they suddenly disappear from the view of trained pilots and ground-based observers.

There must be something we are missing, they don’t seem to be following the same natural laws of physics as we are here on planet earth. If they did, they couldn’t function the way they do.

I think what we lack is that many do not live in the physical world as we humans do, and they have learned to teleport and only manifest when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

I believe that humans do the same when we reach physical form after being in the spirit world, in other words we collect what we need to exist on earth from the elements of the earth.

Isn’t that what we do while in the womb?

We need to stop thinking like human beings who have a soul and start thinking like a soul who has a body would think. Our thinking has become obsolete and we have gotten into a box.

Our visitors come from many different solar systems, planets and realities, it is not a one-size-fits-all situation. They come for many different reasons and agendas.

Some wish to harm us, but I believe that most are here to learn about our cultures and also to guide us in our spiritual advancement and learning, not only do we advance, but we advance in our evolution, we advance everyone else in the universe and so Therefore, we move forward. allow each soul to eventually return to Source.

I have heard them tell me that they are our future, what does that mean? In that sense, they need us to move forward so that they (we) can exist in the future. If we don’t do it (we do it well), neither we nor they will have a future.

They are here to guide us so that we do not destroy ourselves and them in the process if we cease to exist, they do not exist anymore.

Even the so-called wicked, who would harm us, are here for the same purpose.

That purpose is to teach us to face evil and do what is right, regardless of how we think the outcome will be.

These are positive thoughts and forces that outweigh the negative thoughts and forces that we all deal with on a daily basis.

Only when we find and overcome negativity and fear in life will love reign supreme.

It is then that the earth will welcome a new level of thought, the Christ Consciousness in what many believe will be the second coming.

Top Reasons to Choose Online Rental Collection

Landlords who have not realized the benefits of online rent collection miss out on a lot and the following will help them understand the benefits they can get.

Saves them time

They usually go to the post office to see if the payment is already at their PO box. Once it is, they will think about when and where they will deposit it. By collecting payments online, the rent is deposited directly into your bank account, which is convenient and stress-free. Online rent collection is crucial to the success of a property management business.

Keeps confidential information safe

Important tenant information is written on a check, such as their bank account and routing numbers plus their personal details, which sometimes include their phone number. Scraps of paper with this type of information are risk prone and can be held liable as long as they are in possession of your tenant’s check.

Reduce stress

They do not need to collect the rent personally. They don’t even have to call their tenants, knock on their doors, or send them a monthly bill. The rental payment will be deposited into your bank account every month. Online rent collection is critical, but especially for homeowners who have to collect more than $ 1 million worth of rent each year.

Helps them maintain a stable cash flow

They are notified each time their tenant’s payment is processed. Therefore, they know the date the rent will be deposited into your account.

It informs them about the tenants who pay the rent.

Landlords in most parts of the country must know who paid the rent, as the payments determine who is a tenant by law. They will know the name of the tenant who paid and the amount.

Makes the celebration happy

Right now, many tenants are already paying their bills online. They will appreciate if you do not use a check. They will think of it as a benefit of being your tenant.

Get organized

By collecting rent online, they can easily transfer your income information to a spreadsheet, making tax preparation easier.

Facilitates the collection of other payments

When they’re set up, it’s easy to collect other payments like one-time utility fees, late fees, pets, and security deposits, among others.

It allows them to easily solve payment problems.

They will know immediately when tenants fail to pay due to lack of funds. There are other online applications that allow tenants to make other payments using another bank account or card to get paid immediately.

It allows them to be flexible with their finances.

Some apps allow them to arrange for payments to be deposited into different bank accounts so that the business can run smoothly.

Why do many players have such a big ego?

One thing that you will notice if you play computer games online regularly is that a lot of gamers seem to have really big egos. This is usually the case regardless of the game you play. So why is this?

Well, there are a few reasons. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that the people who play computer games online are generally teenagers and people in their twenties.

Obviously, these people have a lot of friends both online and in the real world. This is why they care so much about their reputation, which is why they are desperate to get it right when they play computer games. In an ideal world, they want to be the best player and the envy of all their teammates.

Then they will end up playing these games for hours on end trying to become the best they can be. You can try visiting the various buying strategy guides and forums for some helpful tips and strategies. If they get any kind of success, they will be proud and brag about it online.

However, it should be noted that these people may not have as big an ego as it seems. In fact, it can be just young children who are only 10 or 11 years old, for example. It’s just that when you’re online you can hide behind your keyboard and basically say whatever you want, knowing there will be no consequences. You can brag about yourself as much as you want, especially if no one knows who you are in real life.

You will often see people on gaming forums telling everyone about their achievements in various games. They often take pride in themselves and make fun of other people. However, in real life, they are probably the nicest people you could hope to meet, as their offline personality is completely different from their online personality.

So the point is, you don’t necessarily have to judge people based on how they are online. To some extent this is just a facade and if you met them in real life they would probably be very different.

There seem to be a lot of egos in the world of online games. However, it is usually just the youngsters who want to beat their friends and other online players, hoping to become one of the best players in the world. As they get older, they will likely find that their ego and attitude begin to wane, and they just enjoy playing.

4 things to consider when hiring a taxi for the first time

Are you hiring a taxi for the first time? If so, you can follow the advice given in this article. In most cases, traveling by taxi offers a pleasant experience. However, it can be quite unpleasant in some situations. If this is your first time riding one, it can be an overwhelming experience. This is why you may want to consider the advice provided in this article. Read on to learn more.

4 things to consider when hiring a taxi

It is important to bear in mind that hiring a taxi service is a job that must be carried out with great care. The reason is that it is about the safety of your family and yourself. You don’t want to end up hiring the wrong service or the service you can’t depend on. Without further ado, let’s consider four important things that can help you get this service.

1. Licenses

First of all, be sure to hire a licensed driver. In other words, you may want to contract with a licensed service provider. Licensed drivers are authorized to offer their services as a vehicle driver. Therefore, you can be sure that they will follow the rules and regulations. Therefore, you will be safe throughout the trip.

2. Reputation

Another important factor to consider is the reputation of the driver. If you want to travel with pride and dignity, you may want to hire a reputable taxi service. But make sure you are willing to pay more, as reputable service providers may charge more than other services.

Apart from this, the reputation of the taxi service will have a significant impact on its reputation. Therefore, we suggest that you read the ratings and reviews before hiring a taxi service. If the service provider has a lot of positive reviews, you can give it a try.

This will help you make a meaningful judgment about the company. Therefore, you may not want to ignore the reputation of the taxi service.

3. Type of service

If you want to hire a taxi service for your outings, make sure that the service provider can meet your needs. You may not want to face trouble once you are on your way. Therefore, you may want to consider the type of service they provide.

4. Prices

Last but not least, you may want to consider the taxi service pricing table. After all, you don’t want to end up hiring a service that will cost you an arm and a leg. You can’t get a good service provider if you can’t afford it.

So if you want to get the best deal, you may want to call different companies and get quotes from each of them. This will help you compare service charges from different providers, helping you choose the best one. After all, you don’t want to cross the limits of your budget.

In short, these are the four things you may want to consider if you want to hire the services of the best taxi service out there. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the best decision.

The continuing mystery of Ben Hogan’s secret

Sixty-three years ago this spring, a golfer experienced the breakthrough of his life. He discovered something that transformed him from a very good golfer to a legend in his life, with an enduring reputation as the best ball striker the game has ever known. Ben Hogan discovered something in 1946 and then hinted and finally acknowledged that he had discovered a “secret”. A secret that allowed him to achieve a goal that he sought for almost 14 years on the professional tour, namely, how to produce a constant, powerful and repetitive swing that allowed him to obtain almost total command over the golf ball. Debates continue to this day about who is the greatest golfer of all time. But as Jack Nicklaus recently observed in response to a question about whether Tiger Woods is the best forward he’s ever seen, “No, no, that would definitely be Ben Hogan.” And we’ve probably all read the comment attributed to “Terrible” Tommy Bolt, a champion golfer in his own right, who remarked that “all I know is that I saw Nicklaus watching Hogan’s practice, but I’ve never seen Hogan watching. to Nicklaus practice. “

For several years, Hogan only acknowledged that he had discovered a secret. Several professional golfers speculated about his secret in Life magazine of April 5, 1954. The following year, Hogan revealed his secret for all to see in Life magazine of August 8, 1955. The article was simply titled “This is my secret, “with Hogan detailing how he had further weakened his grip by moving his hands to the left so that he could barely see 2 knuckles, with the V of both hands pointing directly at the chin button. I say he weakened his grip even further because he had previously moved it to the left or to a neutral position in 1938 based on a spike to avoid a hook from Henry Picard. He had also adopted a so-called shortened thumb position after his discharge from duty in 1945. The shortened thumb gave him better club control on the backswing by reducing his tendency to “John Daily it”, particularly with the driver. The secret he described involved the use of the Scottish technique of deliberate pronation. This technique involved a twisting or cupping of the left wrist on the backswing. The movement was believed to make it difficult to close the clubface on the way down, thus avoiding a hook. Most expert golfers considered it a technique not only suitable for throwing the ball in the air, but also for promoting a hook. He also described how he “supinated” his left wrist through the ball. Hogan further warned that his secret would not be worth it to the average golfer and would be ruinous for a bad golfer, particularly one who already fights for a slice. But it certainly worked for Hogan, as he won 33 tournaments and 3 majors from 1946 until his career interruption by his car accident on February 2, 1949. This was a phenomenal hit streak that took him to the top of the golf world. .


Perception of another secret.


Several months before the revelation of his secret in Life magazine, Jack Fleck defeated Hogan in a playoff for the 1955 US Open Championship. Fleck was little advertised and less well known and is considered one of the biggest upsets in history. of the US Open. Hogan was devastated by the loss and announced that he would be a “ceremonial golfer” from then on. The victory would have given him a record for a fifth U.S. Open Championship and atoned for his perception of being belittled for his 1942 Hale Open victory, which was held as an Open in all but name, including awarding an identical medal that matched Hogan’s other four. Hogan later published in the spring of 1957 a series of Sports Illustrated articles that were later included in his classic instruction manual “Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.”

The book is still relevant and a classic more than 52 years later. However, the book was not without controversy, as the secret revealed in 1955 was nowhere to be found in the book. There was little to no discussion of “pronation” except for a brief mention of the ruinous effects of early pronation on the downswing. However, there was quite a bit of information about “supination”. With its focus on the basics of golf, Hogan’s philosophy held that proper application and practice of the basics of the swing was all that was needed. The basic elements consisted of approximately 8 total movements that were put together in a chain action to produce a repetitive golf swing. He felt that a golfer of average athletic ability could exceed 80. Golfers became skeptical when the book did not quickly lead to the promised results. There were about 18 pages in the grip alone. After all that coverage, the relatively weak grip advocated in Five Lessons was viewed by many instructors as an example of poor beginner technique, as it exacerbated most golfers’ nightmare, the dreaded cut. For golfers who are already prone to hitting the ball, the focus on a strong grip of the right arm and elbow to the side, coupled with the inside swing, often produces the worst type of shot that destroys confidence, snap or ball. duck hook. The recommendation to move the hips as fast as possible, as if they were attached to the wall by an elastic band, wreaked havoc on the strokes of golfers whose arms could not keep up with the body and often ended up swinging violently or pulling. . her arms through impact like a rag doll. Finally, a key swing principle presented in the book as a kind of breakthrough, the airplane, turned out to be too complex, a bit esoteric, and a subject few understood.


A book before or after its time?


To be fair to his book, a new generation of “franchise” golfers was emerging in the form of Arnold Palmer, Gary Player to a lesser degree, and amateur star Jack Nicklaus. The era of swashbuckling golf was in full force and Palmer’s style, with a unique swing style that only an athlete could produce, apparently bore little resemblance to the style championed by Hogan. Then there was Nicklaus, with a flying right elbow, reverse “C” and prodigious length that was described by Hogan’s hero Bobby Jones as “A style of golf that I am not familiar with.” The reverse “C” gained prominence on the tour and the style was quite different from that advocated on Five Lessons. Despite Hogan’s reputation as a great striker and having earned the admiration of his fellow golfers, Hogan’s style paled in comparison to Palmer. Palmer’s golf was compelling, emotional, and created a surge of fan support that became known as “Arnie’s Army.” Golfers wanted to play and be like Arnie. There was no lost love between Palmer and Hogan, whose insistence on referring to Palmer as “Fella” irritated Palmer throughout his career. The relatively conservative style of golf played by Hogan fell out of favor during the period in which Palmer peaked, Player began to be a force to be reckoned with, and Nicklaus came to the fore.


What about the secret?


There was a hint of unfinished business over the years when Hogan closed his career. From time to time, over the next several decades, there were hints that there was more to his golf swing and his knowledge than had been revealed in his golf books or Life magazine articles. He often introduced himself as “Henny Bogan” when meeting people or talking on the phone, which was an apparent joking reference to himself. He did an interview with Nick Seitz in December 1984 which was added as a foreword for a reprint of Five Lessons as he was approaching 30 years in print. Hogan revealed the importance of pronation and the trials and tribulations that led to his discovery. He also insisted that “I wouldn’t change anything at Five Lessons and that everything I knew about the full golf swing was there.” There was further speculation and doubts about these statements, as the book did not mention the secret that it revealed in 1955. At some point over the next decade, Hogan allegedly offered to reveal his real secret that he apparently did not reveal in the book. Life magazine article. There were rumors and speculation that the technique would allow a professional to shoot in the 1950s. The requested figure was reportedly $ 100,000. The deal never materialized. There was an update in one of the golf magazines that provided a summary of much of the information known to date on the secret, but no new information was presented.


Emerging secrets!


Hogan did not reveal any more information during his lifetime. Several books have been published over the last decade by credible people who claim to reveal Hogan’s secret as told, in some cases, by Hogan himself. While many of these present interesting stories, in some cases the books are fiction and in other cases the premise of the secret is based on emphasizing the fundamentals described in Five Lessons. Many have speculated that there was nothing more to know and that Hogan was just misleading people. Others have a hard time explaining why, if there was more to the story, an honorable and upright man like Hogan didn’t reveal it during his lifetime. Others have postulated that Hogan’s secret was in his head, or was an 8-letter word that “started with a P and ended with an E” (practice). Byron Nelson said he was hitting it near the hole and making the putts. Others insisted that whatever secret there may have been, it is no longer relevant in the modern game with new technology and the focus on target golf and distance. Jim McLean observed on The Ben Hogan Collection DVD that Ben Hogan’s secret in the final analysis was many little things. That may be closer to the truth than anyone realizes.

Chronicles of Madness – Episode 39

In our episode 39 of Madness Chronicles, we will see the madness of climate change. Remember, insanity is a state of mental illness, gross and extremely foolish behavior, and a frenzied or chaotic form of activity. Let’s take a look at the insanity of believing what these people are predicting.

We are approaching the time of a new president in the United States who miraculously won an unlikely election, reopening to the excellent climate debate once again. The United Nations is already suddenly calling on all the nations of the world to declare a ‘climate emergency’. A reasonable person might ask, ‘on what basis?’ The answer is always ‘look at the science’.

Well, science comes from scientists, so what have they had to say? The Los Angeles Times reported in 1967, a warning from renowned Stanford University scientist Paul Ehrlich. He warned that it was too late to prevent a disastrous famine that would occur in 1975. Based on the current obesity statistics in the country, should we have dodged a bullet? Ehrlich, a population biologist, predicted in 1969 that by 1989 everyone on earth would disappear in a cloud of blue smoke. I guess he dodged the bullet this time when we all had to quit smoking.

Moving on, in 1970, we had a couple more beauties to worry about. The New York Times reported that pollution expert James P. Lodge Jr. said a new ice age is looming in the next five to ten years. Lodge’s endorsement was NASA’s SI Rasool, who predicted that the massive drop in temperatures would be severe enough to trigger an ice age. We could use some of that ‘ice’ here in 2020, according to experts anyway.

Since I was alive at the time, I can attest that I will not get colder than usual. However, scientists at Brown University wrote to President Nixon in 1972. After looking at the data on the ocean floor, they told the president that the looming global cooling would be an order of magnitude greater than anything that the world has ever seen. That sounds like a lot of ice, and Nixon had his own issues to deal with, so he ignored them.

Things were not cooling yet, but in 1974 the London Guardian ushered in the ice age with an article proclaiming that “the ice age is fast approaching.” The New York Times caught up in 1976, reviewing a book by Stephen Schneider of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. Schneider warned that there were not enough food reserves to compensate for the upcoming famines. While Schneider didn’t say this, I can only assume that the famines will be caused by the ice age. And my guess must be correct because two years later, in 1978, the Associated Press reported that there was no end in sight for the ice age.

With no ice appearing, the predictions disappeared until a voice was heard from the Maldives. The ever-reliable Lansing State Journal warned people to prepare for ‘long, hot summers’. They then reported that Hussein Shihab, unrelated to Saddam, the Maldives’ Director of Environmental Affairs, claimed the island nation would be underwater in 2018. While not confirmed, it is believed that reporters were struggling to find out where the hell they were. the Maldives and what would put them under water. Melt ice, maybe.

In 1989, the Associated Press once again warned Americans. They reported that New York City’s West Side Highway would be totally under water by 2019. Yet in another Festivus miracle, I think it’s still there and not even wet unless it’s raining. Try as I might, even with mighty Google, I couldn’t find an AP retraction of that “ice age” article from eleven years earlier.

Then we have Al Gore’s colossal pile of predictions that went nowhere. We would forgive Al because he is not a scientist, but he ripped us off and became a billionaire. Lately, we have the irascible Alexandria Ocasio-Communist who is sure that we will all be toasting, literally, in ten years at the most. But, she could have heard that at the bar, who knows?

I don’t know about you, but call me a climate skeptic because this, my friends, is the kind of “science” I could have done in high school. On the other hand, I skipped fifty-five days of school in my senior year; That couldn’t have been me

May we wake up from this madness before it is too late. I wish you good health, and until next time, have fun, enjoy life, and watch out for the madness between us. It’s 2020, look around you; It is outrageous.

B2B Marketing: Sales to the Hotel and Travel Industry

In 2005, hotels in the United States generated $ 100 billion in profits, primarily from the food service sector. Luxury hotels also did good business, and smaller hotels also generated additional revenue through value-added services. Since the hospitality industry is booming, it is a good time for providers to capitalize on this boom and promote themselves to industry representatives.

Hotel planners:

If you plan to show your products and services to the hotel industry, you should approach hotel planners. There are more than 70,000 hotel planners in the US, and their ideas and initiatives have generated $ 44 billion in revenue for the hospitality industry. To market your services in the hotel industry, you need to know hotel planners and executives.

How to market in the hotel industry:

To sell your services to the hotel industry, you need to contact hotel planners and managers. However, it is not easy to reach them, as they value your time very much and probably dozens of providers have reached out before you.

1) Identify the industry sectors where your products will be most useful. If planners find your products useful, they will definitely want to know more.

2) Plan your marketing strategy before reaching out to people in the hospitality business.

3) The Internet, emails, direct mail, print media are all good means of getting your message across to people in the hospitality business.

4) Become a member of any supplier association or related sector in the hotel industry. This will lead to more exposure of your services to people in the hotel industry.

5) Provide hotel planners with information about your products and reduce the sales talk. Planners are hard-pressed for time; And they won’t be very happy if they take the time to listen to you, only to find that you don’t have much to tell them.

6) Use innovative marketing strategies to get the attention of planners. Schedule calendars, calculators, graphing software, etc. They are always in demand within the hospitality industry, so you can demonstrate the use of these innovative tools to hotel executives and planners.

Hotel industry: growth sectors.

High-growth areas of the hospitality industry include food and beverage, and full-service hotels. More autonomy has been given to the food and beverage departments of major hotels, so you can approach the department manager directly for marketing purposes. Vendors and vendors of food, beverages, kitchenware, silverware, linens, and furniture can benefit greatly from this.

With so many opportunities that providers can take advantage of, it’s no wonder they want to cater to the hospitality industry. With proper planning and the right marketing strategies, you should be able to get ahead of your competitors and land lucrative deals on hotels.